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WP 6B Rapporteurs, Rapporteur Groups and Correspondence Groups

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Rapporteur on BSS between Study Group 6 (WP 6B) and Study Group 4 (WP 4B)
: Y. Nishida (

-​ rwp6b-bss

Rapporteur on Bit rate requirements for UHDTV
: Craig Tanner(

-​ rwp6b-uhdtv

Rapporteur Group on Audio related metadata and file formats
Co-Chairmen: D. Marston ( &
​S. Norcross (

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Rapporteur Group on Global platform for broadcasting
ChairmanShuichi Aoki (

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Mailing list for Chairman and Vice-Chairmen of WP 6B
Chairman: Paul Gardiner (
​- rwp6b-cvc
(restricted to Chairman and Vice-C​hairmen)

Working Party 6B (WP 6B)

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Intersector Rapporteur Group on
Integrated Broadcast Broadband (IBB) systems
Co-Chairmen: A. Faria E. Silva (
M. Takechi (

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