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Suspended satellite networks

 Explanation of the columns and symbols used

Title Field Definition
ADM   ADM   <div class="ExternalClassB338A2CD2D4C4DF6AAF565317B8B05C3"><p>country symbol of the notifying administration​</p></div>  
Date of receipt   d_rcv   <div class="ExternalClassBBD0D330ABDA4629BD2489A3E08C7C6D"><p>Date of receipt of the submission / request</p></div>  
Date of resumption   Date of resumption   <div class="ExternalClass4F0E3F915FD04D648EB539532C78894E"><p>Date on which the assignment has been brought back into regular operation​</p></div>  
Date of suspension   Date of suspension   <div class="ExternalClass803C1A46C4AA4A5EB766939CF4F3F0E4"><p>Date on which the use of the satellite network has been suspended​</p></div>  
long_nom   long_nom   <div class="ExternalClass370432C75B324257B7D1FD6E45BA54B7"><p>nominal longitude of space station​</p></div>  
Notice ID   ntc_id   <div class="ExternalClass93AE79D45A7D464E974F900B7B88FBBA"><p>Unique identifier of the notice​</p></div>  
ORG   ntwk_org   <div class="ExternalClassF8FDDDD9988D44BD950F166A19298CB4"><p>symbol of the organization operating regional or international satellite networks​</p></div>  
provision   provision   <div class="ExternalClassF6105F728BEB44A08CCD2BB00CD1AF42"><p>Provision of the RR according to which the notice is submitted​</p></div>  
Satellite name   sat_name   <div class="ExternalClass03AD15A3403E44D899B21CBA51C24826">name of the space station<span style="color:#000000"></span></div>  
Status   Status   <div class="ExternalClass8F3F28BDF52B40F2A321208B6E055C59"><p>Status of the network</p> <p><table><tbody><tr><td width="20"> </td> <td><b>S</b>: Suspended</td></tr> <tr><td width="20"> </td> <td><b>J</b>: Initial confirmation of resumption of use</td></tr> <tr><td width="20"> </td> <td><b>R</b>: Confirmed resumption of use, No. 11.49.1 conditions fulfilled</td></tr></tbody></table> ​</p></div>  
Type   Type   <div class="ExternalClass5B37001110EE4A118393B2EAD73E274E"><p>Type:<br /><table><tbody><tr><td width="20"> </td> <td><b>P</b>: Partial suspension of the network</td></tr> <tr><td width="20"> </td> <td><b>T</b>: Total suspension of the network</td></tr></tbody></table> ​</p></div>  

Table of suspended networks

  • The column ID number contains a link to the SNS data of the network. By clicking on the corresponding ID number, SNS online is opened on a new window.
  • The column sat_name contains a link to the list of publications relative to this network (SNL-B). By clicking on the corresponding satellite name, SNL-B online is opened on a new window.
  • By default the data are sorted by date of suspension.
  •  The table can be sorted by item, ascending or descending, by clicking on the Up / Down links below the column titles.​