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GIMS – Graphical Interference Management System

The Graphical Interference Management System for PC, or GIMS, is a PC-based software package which allows the capture and modification of graphical data (service areas, antenna gain contours and gain towards the geostationary orbit) relating to the electronic notification of geostationary satellite networks in the space radiocommunications services. 

It also allows for carrying out Power Flux Density (PFD) calculations using graphical data captured via this product either by using the digitiser or by importing a file in the GXT format. The captured diagrams may be exported in the GXT format for electronic notification. 

As of version 8.0, GIMS can also handle graphical data for non-geostationary satellite networks in the forms of images, primarily for the purpose of perusal.

The latest version available on this page is version 9.0. See the main new features in this document.

This product is available only in English.

  Downloads Description Size Date

Setup 22 Mb 2013-10-21

 Installation guide

Installation guide  1Kb 2007-09-05

 What's New

What's new? 29Kb 2013-09-27

 Introduction to GIMS

Introduction to GIMS 2 Mb 2009-01-12


Tutorial 73 Mb 2010-12-06


For further information contact: Space Administrative Software Division