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SpaceCap – Space notification system PC capture

The ITU Radiocommunication Bureau SpaceCap system, is a PC based data capture software application for electronic capture of data elements to be furnished in notices relating to space stations. This release includes graphical interfaces to capture notice information for:
  • Appendix 4 - AP4/II  - coordination or notification of a satellite network and Appendix 4 - AP4/III - coordination or notification of an earth station.
  • Appendix 4 (AP4/IV) notification of assignments to Radioastronomy stations.
  • Appendix 4 (AP4/V and AP4/VI) submission of Advance Publication of Information (API) on satellite networks or satellite systems:
    • AP4/VI GSO or non-GSO satellite system subject to coordination under Section II of Article 9.
    • AP4/V GSO or non-GSO satellite system not subject to coordination under Section II of Article 9.
  • Broadcasting-satellite service (BSS) networks: Appendices 30(WRC-2000) and 30A(WRC-2000)
  • Fixed-satellite service (FSS) networks: Appendix 30B(WRC-2007).
  • Due diligence information: Resolution 49 (Rev.WRC-2000).

 Installation file

  • The file below is a self-extracting, Zip file.
  • To download and install Spacecap, click on Spacecap.exe and save it to a temporary directory on your PC.
  • After downloading the file , you should then run the file (by double-clicking on it from Windows Explorer, etc); this will decompress or "unzip" the installation files into a temporary directory on your hard disk, and then automatically execute the setup procedure.
Note:  The SpaceCap V 7.1.11 will be available on the IFIC 2831 and later.
NB! Version 7 of SpaceCap reflects all modifications and additions to Appendix 4 of the Radio Regulations amended by WRC-2012. 
SpaceCap Version 7.1.11
18 October 2016
What's new in SpaceCap_v7
18 October 2016
For further information contact: Space Administrative Software Division