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This first informal meeting of the new TDAG Bureau was held on Thursday 27 April, from 12:30 to 14:30, under the Chairmanship of Pr. Dr. Vladimir Minkin (Russian Federation).

Members of the TDAG Bureau from the following countries were present or represented: Brazil, Bulgaria, Egypt, France, France Telecom, Gabon, Iran, Korea, Nigeria, Russian Federation, Syria, Tanzania, USA , as well as the chairman of the TDAG/WGPS.

The chairman expressed his appreciation to the vice-chairmen for having responded to his invitation and thanked the BDT for having facilitated the preparation and organization of the meeting.

Mr. Minkin invited the vice-chairmen of the TDAG to support the ITU-D with their field tested skills and experience by taking charge of some core topics and activities the BDT will require advice on. He drew the attention of the meeting to the documents prepared which show the basis of the TDAG mandate. After having stressed the importance of the outcomes of WTDC-06 and the need to have the final report, including the Doha Action Plan, published at the as soon as possible in order to kick-start the implementation of the latter, he gave the floor to Mr. Hamadoun I. Touré, Director of the BDT, for his introductory remarks.

Mr. Touré congratulated the chairman Mr. Minkin and all vice-chairmen on their election to the TDAG bureau. He recalled that WTDC-06 reinforced TDAG by its increased assignment of matters through Resolution 24(Rev.Doha,2006) on the one hand, and by adopting, for the first time, TDAG working methods as part of the new Resolution 1(Doha, 2006). He highlighted that although his second term as the Director of the BDT will end in 2006, he will be leaving the BDT with confidence knowing his successor will be fortunate to count on such a competent and dedicated team. Terms of Reference for the TDAG Correspondence Group Dealing with ITU-D Study Groups and TDAG Working Methods and Procedures. Chairman: Mr. Nabil Kisrawi

Working document  --  Participants in the Working Group Term-s of reference of the TDAG Correspondence Group on Development Strategic issues. Chairman: Mr. Jean-Jacques Massima Landji

Admission of ITU-D Sector Members as observers to sessions of the Council PP-02 Resolution 109 (Marrakesh, 2002)  Review and consolidation of provisions regarding observers
Council decision 519: Extension of the Mandate of the Working Group on Observers and the Implementation of the Admission on a Provisional Basis of Observers Representing Sector Members to Council 2005 Criteria and procedures for the nomination of ITU-D Sector Members as observers to the 2005 session of the Council
Letter DM-203  



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