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WTPF 2001 on IP Telephony:  Country Case Studies


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IP Telephony Case Studies. The following country case studies look specifically at IP Telephony. Four of these were commissioned for the Workshop on IP Telephony, held in June 2000, three of which have been updated (China, Colombia, Peru) and two more (Canada, Republic of Korea) have been commissioned specially for the WTPF 01. Internet Diffusion Case Studies.  In 2000, the ITU carried out a series of case studies on the diffusion of the Internet in a number of countries at different stages of development. Although these studies focused on the spread and development of the Internet, they also looked at the regulatory and market situation regarding IP Telephony. For more detail on the Internet Diffusion project, please visit the Internet case studies website. 


  Summary:  PDF This summary is based on Chapter Five of ITU Internet Reports: IP Telephony, 2001.  


  Summary:  PDF This summary appears in the March 2001 edition of ITU News
  Canada: PDF
(New, February 2001)
Bolivia PDF

(February 2001)
Bolivia PDF


China: PDF
(Updated January 2001)
Egypt: PDF
(March 2001)

Summaries of the China study were also published in the August 2000 issue of ITU News

PDF(Español) Nepal: PDF
(November 2000)
  Colombia: PDF
(Updated February 2001)
Singapore: PDF
(March 2001)

  Korea: PDF  
(New, February 2001)
Uganda: PDF
(January 2001)

  Peru: PDF
(Updated February 2001)

  Thailand: PDF
(March 2000)

Summaries of the Thailand study were also published in the September 2000 issue of ITU News


If you would like to submit information on the status of IP Telephony in your country, which could be posted on the ITU website, please write to us at


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