The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response – ICT Case Repository

How are you using ICTs to help your community respond COVID-19, ensuring the impactful use of the WSIS Action Lines in advancing SDGs? What projects and activities has your organization introduced during the Coronavirus disease to continue working efficiently and to create a social impact helping other stakeholders?

As a part of the WSIS Stocktaking ongoing efforts to promote the good use of ICTs in making social impact, and in order to provide useful, replicable and actionable information to all WSIS community and beyond, the platform is now available for collecting projects and activities on how ICTs are assisting stakeholders in their everyday life, work, and combating challenges caused by this extraordinary pandemic.

The aim of this repository is to help you to continue to partner, collaborate and implement in these exceptional circumstances. Once received, the projects will be reviewed and will be featured on the WSIS Stocktaking Platform and promoted through various channels including the WSIS Flash newsletter, WSIS TalkX and social media channels.

We invite all to SUBMIT, SHARE and PROMOTE this call for innovative use of ICTs to respond to the coronavirus outbreak.

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