Nominated Projects

Category 1 — AL C1. The role of governments and all stakeholders in the promotion of ICTs for development (73 Projects)


With the #AnimateAlasTIC campaign we are trying to transmit a new aspect of ENACOM: we took an active role in the diffusion of different concrete actions and initiatives that promote an equitable and inclusive use of new technologies and that, taking int… more »

Activation of the Information Society

The ASI project is being implemented by the Mazowieckie Voivodeship in a broad partnership with other local governments from the region. The strategic goal of ASI is to support smart, sustainable development that increases social and territorial cohesion… more »

Agenda Uruguay Digital - Developing the national e-strategy

“Uruguay Digital” brings together the efforts of the public and private sectors, academia and organised civil society, and is set as country commitment. This has been an ongoing and evolving process, reflected in the four generations of the digital agend… more »

APEC Digital Opportunity Center

The APEC Digital Opportunity Center (ADOC) Project is a self-funded multi-year Economic and Technical Cooperation (ECOTECH) initiative that Chinese Taipei first raised in the 2003 APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting. It aims to assist in transforming digital… more »

Appeal Board Complaint System

The “Appeal Board Complaint System” was created by the experts of the Data Processing Center of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies on the basis of the services of the Appeal Board established by the Decree of the President of… more »

Argentina´s Women Programmers. First quantitative research

Argentina´s Women Programmers is a range of programs to bridge the digital gender gap by fostering knowledge and enthusiasm of young women in STEM since 2015. As part of this effort, we are creating a database aimed at gathering information on the profes… more »

Armenian Startup Academy

Armenia Startup Academy is focusing on building game-changing entrepreneurship and startup education programs which will armor capable teams with knowledge and skills for building products that customers love. We are helping startups in gaining access to… more »

Azerbaijan Women in ICT Club FEMMES DIGITALES

Our mission is to bring together stakeholders from the business sector, the government, the academia and from non-governmental organizations, giving the opportunity to support and to work for increasing the women’s professional participation in the spher… more »

Banyuwangi Regency "Smart Kampung (Village)" People-Centric e-Government

The Banyuwangi Regional Government (Banyuwangi Regency) develops an integrated e-governance system with several pillars of activity, as follows: - to encourage institutionalization of innovation and bureaucratic reform in business processes at all levels… more »

Bayanati (My Employment Data)

The digital platform “Bayanati” (The Employee Data Platform) enables clients of the Ministry of Civil Service (MCS) -internally as MCS employees and externally as human resources’ specialists in specific and all public sector employees in general- to ut… more »

Brazilian Digital Strategy

This is an initiative from the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications with wide-open multistakeholder, for the consultation process to establish The Brazilian Digital Strategy published on 2018. The Brazilian Digital Transformatio… more »

Call for e-health, e-agriculture and smart cities pilot projects

In 2017, In accordance with its mission to promote the sustainable and competitive development of the Brazilian economy, BNDES, in partnership with the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications (MCTIC), supported the execution of a s… more »


CELSE; in order to increase the variety of services that offered to lawyers and to enable the lawyers to follow up the proceedings more easily, in accordance with the requirements of the era, developed by the technical team of the Ministry of Justice of … more »

China Mobile social welfare culture dissemination platform

Since 2009,according to the “National Spiritual Civilization and Cultural Development” Strategy, China Mobile has been creating a social public cultural communication platform, collaborating with the Government departments, cultures units and social grou… more »

Citizen’s portal in Pinar del Río

redpinar, the Citizen’s portal, is the web portal of the Provincial Assembly of Pinar del Río city, and the first experience of electronic government in Cuba. The main objectives are: to increase the transparency in the public administration and to keep … more »


Crimebot limited is a Jamaican startup focused on using technology to solve crime. It is a mobile application that allows users to anonymously report crimes and criminals. It pinpoints crime hotspots and uses push alerts to notify users of crimes near th… more »

CTC MakerSpace

The CTC MakerSpace project refers to the implementation of a local action space to motivate the creation of responses to the needs of the community, through technology. A proposal that proposes a line of community development under the "do it yourself" m… more »


Lauren is a tech woman who is leading the way for other tech women to earn what they deserve. After learning that a male colleague was hired at 50% more than her, she learned to negotiate and tripled her salary. But, she didn't stop there. She started a … more »

Diar Geographical Information System

A system, called Diar Geographical Information System, was developed by Iran's Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to capture, analyze, and present the status and coverage of various ICT services in different locations in a visual and ma… more »

Digital Case - Digital Field- Digital OASIS in remote and rural areos of Senegal

In Senegal, the government has set up two economic and social development programs in the peripheral and suburban areas and linked to the Emerging Senegal Plan (PSE). These are the Emergency Program for Community Development (PUDC), and the Emergency Pro… more »

Digital Livelihoods: Youth and the Future of Work at Scale

The Digital Ambassador Program (DAP) is an ambitious initiative that mobilizes young women and men to transform their communities. Based on DOT’s unique youth-led model, DAP delivers double impact - the expansion of a digitally literate citizenry and the… more »

Digital Talent Scholarship

Digital Talent Scholarship is a government initiative by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia. This year, we received great enthusiasm from the applicants. As a brand-new project, Digital Talent Scholarshi… more »

Dubai REST - Dubai Land Department Real Estate Self Transaction Platform

Dubai Land Department (DLD) was founded in May 1960 to establish real estate sector in the Middle East and for international real estate investors. Dubai REST (Dubai Real Estate Self Transaction) is a complete digital platform available on both Android a… more »


Dubai 10X is a bold strategy that aims to place Dubai 10 years ahead of other cities. Through out of the box disruptive future oriented exponential thinking. Since its launch, 36 government entities were invited to participate. The first requirement is f… more »

Empowering Women through Technology - Digital Hubs in Smart Villages

United for Hope and Shakti Empowerment Solutions’ Smart Village strategy combines education and entrepreneurial business opportunities to transform the lives of India’s rural poor. We work with and for underserved villagers to address community issues a… more »


HandEyes is an Ecuadorian project that is in charge of developing products and technological tools that improve the quality of life of people with visual disabilities. The goal of HandEyes is to achieve a more inclusive society by developing electronic d… more »


HandEyes is a project that is responsible for developing products that improve the quality of life of people with visual disabilities. The goal of HandEyes is to achieve a more inclusive society by developing tools that can change and impact the lives of… more »

Facilitating Faster and More Affordable Internet Connection project of CMCC

China Mobile Communications Group Co. Ltd (hereinafter called ‘CMCC’) has taken positive steps to actively respond to the Government’s call, organizationally implemented ‘Facilitating Faster and More Affordable Internet Connection’ project, and continuou… more »

Fibre to the Community

The Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communications (GIFEC) is set-up by law under the Ministry of Communications to facilitate access and use of ICTs in unserved and underserved communities. As part of efforts to expand access and use of ICTs in rur… more »


Powered by United Nations, UNDP, Microsoft & TAMKEEN Bahrain (Labour Fund), FORSATI FOR HER promises to empower Bahraini Women by giving them a boost in technology! Backed by the latest Microsoft Programs and aligned with the industry requirements, this … more »

I2B - Idea to Business

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies conduct startup tours in regions with the view of providing support to the expansion of the startup movement and the implementation of new innovative ideas of citizens. The tours are organiz… more »

ICT for Girls Program

Through this program the capacity of the master trainers has been built in using technologies in education and teaching methodologies. This program has provided employment to over 200 women and has transformed them into ICT ambassadors in their area. Th… more »

Implementing national IT infrastructure

Information Technology Authority (ITA) is set up by the Royal Decree 52/2006 promulgated on the 31st May 2006. ITA is responsible for implementing national IT infrastructure projects and supervising all projects related to implementation of the Digital … more »

Learning STEM over Summer - Summer Camps on Science, Mathematics, IT and Coding

In Italy, the participation of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) educational and working paths is rather scarce. Many episodes of exclusion and discrimination affecting women in the scientific and technological sector can … more »

LonePearl Group

LonePearl Group (LPG) is a digital content development and aggregation company that provides holistic solutions for the education sector in Botswana. The company’s approach is to combine technology, content/curriculum, training, and key strategic partner… more »


Ma3Route is a mobile/web/SMS platform that crowd-sources for transport data and provides users with information on traffic, matatu directions and driving reports. Ma3Route aims to make traveling easier in developing countries by democratizing timely tran… more »

Mapa do Acolhimento (Safe Haven Map)

Nossas Cidades is a Brazilian organization that promotes civic engagement through technological and methodological activism tools. Nossas has pioneered the production of technology with activism-centered products and uses these platforms to connect peopl… more »

Mascom Kitsong Centre (Telecentres)

The Mascom Kitsong Centers programme's objectives are :  - To contribute to the ICT sector and respond to the global need of transforming small villages into knowledge based economies.  - To empower unemployed youth by giving them a business to opera… more »

mHealth Education at Scale - national scale-up of Kilkari and Mobile Academy

The project aimed to train one million frontline health workers and help nearly 10 million new and expecting mothers and their families, make healthier choices related to Reproductive, Maternal, Neonatal and Child (RMNCH) health. The initial target was t… more »

Mullak System

Continued demographic expansion combined with inadequate policy support and development incentives has led to an acute gap in home ownership in Saudi Arabia. Exorbitant cost of land and construction of independent houses have aggravated the situation and… more »

National Digital Transformation Unit

The National Digital Transformation Unit (NDU) is a government agency established by royal decree in order to catalyze digital transformation efforts on a National level addressing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). NDU was first incubated under the a… more »


We invest in Latin American tech companies generating positive impact at scale. We are an early stage venture firm focused on generating positive impact at scale in Latam by building the best ecosystem of tech entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and corpor… more »

Ojo Vial

Ojo Vial is a Mobile Application that allows citizens to report infractions of badly parked vehicles (rigid zones, security zones, pedestrian cruises, reserved area for disabled people, ramps, etc.) which are recorded in a photograph or video, being sent… more »


OMobileFunding: Web and Mobile crowdfunding platform. Technology is used to provide financial solutions and products for social inclusion and social entrepreneurship OMobileFunding was being implemented in Togo and Cote d'Ivoire. Jobs are created for the… more »

Online Administrative Execution Service

The Online Administrative Execution Service is an online service that allows beneficiaries to fill in a request for a court order to be executed by filling in the details of the plaintiff, and the defendant, along with registering specific details of the… more »

Online Renewal of Motor Vehicle License

The principle objective of MVL Online System is not only to provide a secured and scalable platform offering key E-services by the National Transport Authority (NTA) of Mauritius for the general public to avail from but also a robust service platform to … more »

Prime Minister's National ICT Scholarship Programme

Prime Minister’s National ICT Scholarship Programme has been offering scholarships to students of marginalized areas for undergraduate level studies in the field of ICT across all provinces. The programme has been executed under the ambit of the Ministry… more »

Rawy Abu Dhabi

To satisfy the modern demands of the smart cities notion, the concept of a portal that acts as a hub was adopted to extend and complement the existing AD-SDI framework. Under the name “Rawy Abu Dhabi”, the new hub will be used as an innovation and collab… more »

San Luis Sports Map

The digital policy of San Luis government has enabled development and innovation in different areas, allowing for the first time in the field of physical education and sports, the same deployment of digitalization in the field with the project called "Pr… more »

San Luis, a government with a strong commitment to public ICT policies

The strategic vision regarding the scientific and technological revolution that has changed the lives of everyone around the world has been strongly expressed in San Luis, where, since 2010, the Government has provided free connectivity in all cities and… more »

Sand Movement Analysis

Sand movement in Saudi Arabia is a phenomena that affects most industries such as petroleum, transportation, agriculture and others. Saudi Aramco is a leader when it comes to safety and safe operations. The company spends millions on protecting its asset… more »

Satellite Connectivity for National Education and Public Health Institutions

As part of the modernization of national education and public health sectors in order to strengthen and enlarge humandevelopment through telecommunication technologies/ICTs, to satisfy the population’s growing needs and guaranteethese services availabili… more »

Save your bag

With the help of this application you will able to know the exact location of a person who come to receive you, also this application will be able to connect with tracker chips which you can fit in any object like lugguage, bags, so that application will… more »

Si lo venís a buscar, es tuyo!

Si lo venís a buscar, es tuyo! (If you come to look for it, it’s yours), It is a community of collaborative economy, a space where we can give away what we no longer use in a simple and safe way. The project was inaugurated in January 2016 in Montevideo,… more »


SpeakLiz is an Artificial Intelligence app that helps the world’s 470 million deaf people communicate by interpreting sign language for those that cannot speak it. SpeakLiz is a powerful Artificial Intelligence communication tool, it has been designed as… more »

Sports Information System

It is aimed to transfer all business processes within the scope of activities and services of the General Directorate of Sports to the information technology environment. In order to raise awareness among people who are active in the field of sports and … more »

StartUp Brasil

This is an initiative of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation, and Communications (MCTIC), with management of Softex and in association with accelerators. The goal of the Start-Up Brazil program is the Brazilian Startups Acceleration Program. … more »


STEMintheCity is a great initiative being promoted by the City of Milan in order to develop a “STEM-oriented” culture free from gender barriers and stereotypes to help guide young women to studies in fields of science and technology, to promote careers f… more »

Strengthening Equal Opportunities for Women through ICT - Bogota Vive Digital

Colnodo is a nonprofit organization that for more than 20 years has changed the quality of life of diverse populations in Colombia through processes of appropriation, innovation, advocacy and use of technology for social development organization. Colnodo… more »

Study "Internet of Things: an action plan for Brazil"

In accordance with its mission to promote the sustainable and competitive development of the Brazilian economy, BNDES, in partnership with the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications (MCTIC), supported the execution of a study for … more »


CWIT is transforming Charlottesville into the destination for women in technology to live, work, and build a career. We develop programs that encourage more women and girls to pursue a technology career, actively working to remedy the deficit of women in… more »

Technovation Challenge

Ran the Technovation Challenge in Cape Town where more than 100 girls from previously disadvantaged areas took part. The beneficiaries were not only the high school girls, but also the parents of the girls, who were exposed to the impact of technology. T… more »

Thai Telecommunication Relay Service

Thailand Telecommunication Relay Service (TTRS) was established in October 2011 and has been in operation since January 2012 to date. The main objective is to provide communication relay service for people with hearing impairment and speech impaired, inc… more »

The e-payment of social security contributions

the project of National Social Insurance Fund (CNAS) called The e-payment of social security contributions The teledeclaration portal allows employers, through a private … more »

The Youth Empowerment Scheme in Information & Communications Technologies

The Youth Empowerment Scheme in Information & Communications Technologies (YES-ICT) is a youth-owned network of business that provides ICT services across Botswana. The Franchise eco-system comprises of 23 regional centres at full roll-out with each cetr… more »

Tongling Smart City Operation and Management Center

Tongling Smart City Operation and Management Center can help the governor handlethe intensive Government affairs and promote the utilization of Big Data incity, with the ultimate goal for the improvement for the refined urban management model, the spread… more »


The East African Common Digital MarketPlace is a Single window access to all East African e-commerce services and a supply chain connected to this is the only solution to remedy this situation. A Common Digital Marketplace will allow businesses to expand… more »

UGR Tech Camp for Girls

This project, “Campus Tecnológico UGR para Chicas” (“UGR Tech Camp for Girls”) aims to show computer sciences and telecommunications as free areas of social stereotypes, working directly with a group of pre-university girls (High School). UGR Tech Camp i… more »

Unified register of administrative proceedings

In the relationship between the government and the citizen one of the important areas is the administrative proceedings. With this sphere, in contrast to criminal, almost each of us is faced. Every year, more than 4 million protocols are drawn up, that i… more »

Village Information System Berdaya

VIS Berdaya (Berdaya means Powerful), an open source application, consists of instruments and processes to utilize data and information functioning as a tool to assist villages in collecting and managing their own data with the vision that this would enc… more »

WashingTECH Tech Policy Podcast

WashingTECH LLC is a boutique policy and communications consulting firm whose mission is to bridge U.S. media and technology policy with underrepresented communities around the world. We serve organisations across the tech sector who make social justice … more »

Weather Stations and Women's Rights

The Zimbabwean chapter of the Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWEZI) is beginning to set up a weather station network by donating and helping schools install ATMOS 41 weather stations and putting girl students front and center in their installa… more »

XL Africa & L'Afrique Excelle

XL Africa was a pan-African startup acceleration program that provided critical support to 20 high-growth companies seeking to raise Series A financing defined as $250,000 to $1.5 M, considered the “Valley of Death” for African startups. Over a 5 month p… more »