Nominated Projects

Category 12 — AL C7. ICT applications: benefits in all aspects of life — E-environment (20 Projects)

“Digital region”

“Digital region” is an ecosystem of 20+ digital solutions, divided into three main product lines: “security”, “manageable city” and “comfortable urban environment”. Currently, we have implemented some 750+ digital products in 70+ regions of Russia. Safet… more »

4G/5G collaborative intelligent energy-saving management

The power consumption of a single 5G station is about 4 times that of a single 4G station. With the expansion of 5G network construction scale, the energy consumption problem of communication network equipment has become increasingly prominent. As one of… more »

Al Nawras

“Al Nawras” is a flight permission and scheduling system and the first aviation approval online system in the Middle East; completely developed and led in-house by women staff members of the Information Systems Directorate in the Ministry (MTT). The proj… more »


Forests sequester carbon and produce oxygen. This makes forests a defender of climate and humankind. That’s why tree planting projects are becoming a priority in international climate policy. Because the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere continues … more »

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Carbon Footprint Calculator is an application that allows users to calculate their individual carbon dioxide emissions into the Earth's environment. Users take quizzes about their activities and the app provides statistics about their carbon footprint. I… more »

Comprehensive system of passive defense and severe crisis management

The wide range of issues of crisis management and passive defense, given the facilities available in the country, has made development a priority for the city to help in widespread crises. This system is one of the methods of operations research (such as… more »

Digital Approcahes to Risilience and Adaptation in Jamaica (DARAJA Project)

The proposed solution will be a new climate resilience and adaptation methodologies and technologies to improve climate risk management and COVID19 responses in Jamaica through this program. … more »

FIE20: Groundwater and meteo sensors

The FIE 20 solution utilizes weather forecast and weather model data for visualization of weather forecast on given locality for 7- and 14-days period. It provides visualization of weather model data corrected by measurements to provide information about… more »

Huawei & RFCx Nature Guardian Project

Deforestation accounts for 15%-20% of Global Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, while Illegal logging causes 50%-90% of deforestation worldwide. In response to this global challenge, Huawei has worked together with Rainforest Connection (RFCx) to apply clou… more »

Integrated waste management software

Due to the importance of recyclable waste segregation in environmental protection and reduce urban management costs, in collaboration with waste management organization of Mashhad municipality and private sector, ICT organization of Mashhad municipality … more »

Next Generation Hyperscale Computing Infrastructure Project

The next generation hyperscale computing infrastructure project adopts a new type of design and operation method, which is strategically located around megacities to achieve high scalability and cost-effectiveness as well as scale-effect synergies with r… more »

Prey Lang - It's our forest too

Since 2007 PLCN has advocated against illegal logging and large-scale, government-sanctioned land grabbing on their ancestral lands. Together with their partners, PLCN has developed an app for smartphones (known as the Prey Lang app), making it easy for … more »

Recycle into Education

As Turkcell, we implemented Recyle into the Education project throughout Turkey in collaboration with TüBISAD (Informatics Industry Association). Electronic waste will be disposed at recycle boxes in all 1335 Turkcell stores, and the income from these pr… more »

Reduction of water consumption by the citizens of Moscow

Since 2012, Muscovites have had an opportunity to transmit water and electricity meter readings online through service on the Moscow Mayor web-site, which monthly turn over is 1 million people. In 2021, the service will be significantly modified. … more »


The eco startup company refillme produces on-tap dispensers for selling household cleaning products such as dishwashing solutions, laundry detergents, and floor cleaner. The process at refillme is simple: we refill empty bottles with household liquids to… more »

Tarsheed Summer Camp Website

With Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation "KAHRAMAA" commitment to Qatar Vision 2030 goals for sustainable development, Kahramaa has launched the National Program of Conservation & Energy Efficiency "Tarsheed" which encourages and empower all … more »

The official web-site of Budgetary Environmental Protection Institution “Mosecomonitoring”

Official website of the Budgetary institution of the Moscow city Government “Mosecomonitoring” ( was upgraded and resumed functioning in March 2018 as the official source of data on air quality in Moscow. The data on 16 analyzed pollutants… more »


A two-pronged solution approach to a community engagement platform: TIP Sessions and Baeru. Both platforms join together to create a hybrid model that focuses on climate action, civic awareness, and sustainable consumption and livelihoods. TIP Sessions i… more »


Created in 2019 by the NGO European Water Project, Water-Map pursues the following goals: - Participate and contribute to the reduction of disposable plastic waste by promoting the consumption of tap water rather than that of bottled water. < - Encourage… more »

Xiong'an New District Smart Monitoring System Construction Project (Phase I)

The ecological environment intelligent monitoring system project of Xiongan New Area aims to comprehensively improve the ecological environment quality of Xiongan New Area and Baiyangdian area, innovatively integrates the application of 5G technology in … more »