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Category 12 — AL C7. ICT applications: benefits in all aspects of life — E-environment (5 Projects)

4G/5G collaborative intelligent energy-saving management
China Unicom Research InstituteChina

The power consumption of a single 5G station is about 4 times that of a single 4G station. With the expansion of 5G network construction scale, the energy consumption problem of communication network equipment has become increasingly prominent. As one of… more »

Al Nawras
Ministry of Transportation and TelecommunicationsBahrain

“Al Nawras” is a flight permission and scheduling system and the first aviation approval online system in the Middle East; completely developed and led in-house by women staff members of the Information Systems Directorate in the Ministry (MTT). The proj… more »

Carbon Footprint Calculator
EPAM SystemsUnited States of America

Carbon Footprint Calculator is an application that allows users to calculate their individual carbon dioxide emissions into the Earth's environment. Users take quizzes about their activities and the app provides statistics about their carbon footprint. I… more »

Digital Approcahes to Risilience and Adaptation in Jamaica (DARAJA Project)
Caribbean Climate Innovation Center Jamaica

The proposed solution will be a new climate resilience and adaptation methodologies and technologies to improve climate risk management and COVID19 responses in Jamaica through this program. … more »

FIE20: Groundwater and meteo sensors
Baltic Open Solutions Center, Ltd.Latvia

The FIE 20 solution utilizes weather forecast and weather model data for visualization of weather forecast on given locality for 7- and 14-days period. It provides visualization of weather model data corrected by measurements to provide information about… more »