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ICANN New gTLD Program Reviews and Lessons Learned

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

“This session, comprising of contributors from the ICANN Community and staff, will explore the lessons learned during the introduction of new gTLDs in the root of the Internet in 2012; including the formal reviews ICANN has initiated ahead of a potential new application round.”


Nigel Hickson; VP, UN and IGO Engagement, ICANN

Speakers / panellists
  • ICANN Staff 
  • Mr Akram Atallah; CEO of ICANN
  • Community Members
  • To be determined  



Link to WSIS Action Lines
  • C3. Access to information and knowledge
  • C8. Cultural diversity and identity, linguistic diversity and local content
  • C11. International and regional cooperation

The provision of new generic top-level domai names (gTLDs) has allowed a more diverse provision of names in both latin and non latin scipts (International Domain Names) and thus enhanced consumer choice.  It has thus helped cultural and lingusitic diversity and encouraged the provision of local content (relevant to C8).    

Link to the Sustainable Development Process
  • Goal 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries

The provosion of top-level domains; especially in local and non-Latin scripts encourages the growth of the Domain Name sector in countries and thus the attractiveness of Internet access; whicin itself is a contribution (re Goal 10) to reducing inequality.   

Session 141
  • Monday, 14:30 – 16:15
  • Room C1, ITU Tower
  • Thematic Workshop

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