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Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R)  
Wireless Access Systems (WAS), including broadband
  • Wireless Access Systems (WAS) are defined as end-user radio connections to public or private core networks. Technologies in use today for implementing wireless access include cellular, cordless telecommunication, and wireless local area network systems.
  • Advances in technology and competitive access are driving the revolution towards wireless access infrastructure. Traditionally, the most difficult component of the network to build and the least cost-effective to maintain has proven to be the local access network regardless of a developing or a developed economy. As a result, fixed wireless access to the core network has proven to be an effective alternative in the provision of basic telephone service.
  • Public and private WLAN (or RLAN) systems are quickly emerging as a preferred access technology. In conjunction with the deployment of - IMT-2000 English only - , WLAN gives operators an opportunity to expand both overall market size and competitive position for data services.
  • The - ITU Radiocommunication Sector - is actively participating in the development of WAS and its main activities comprise international standardization, including frequency spectrum and technical specifications.
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