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Outside Bodies and Sites related to WAS Development

IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee (LMSC):
Develops LAN and MAN standards. The most widely used standards are for the Ethernet family, Token Ring, Wireless LAN, Bridging and Virtual Bridged LANs.

  • Wi-Fi Alliance: - The Wi-FiŽ (Wireless Fidelity) Alliance is an association formed in 1999 to certify interoperability of wireless LAN products based on IEEE 802.11 specification. Wi-Fi networks use IEEE 802.11b or 802.11a radio standards.
  • WiMAX Forum: - The WiMAX ForumT is a non-profit corporation formed in 2003 by equipment and component suppliers and is working to facilitate the deployment of broadband wireless networks based on the IEEE 802.16 standard by helping to ensure the compatibility and inter-operability of broadband wireless access equipment.

ETSI Project BRAN:
Prepares standards for equipment providing broadband (25+ Mbit/s) wireless access to wire-based networks in both private and public environments, operating in either licensed or license exempt spectrum. These systems address both business and residential applications. FWA systems are intended as high performance, quick to set up, competitive alternatives for wire-based access systems. ETSI BRAN currently produces specifications for three major standard areas:

  • HIPERACCESS, a fixed wireless broadband access network
  • HIPERMAN, a fixed wireless access network which operates below 11 GHz

Multimedia Mobile Access Communication Systems (MMAC):
MMAC are mobile communication systems which can transmit ultra high speed, high quality Multimedia Information "anytime and anywhere" with seamless connections to optical fiber networks.

System outline of MMAC:

  • High Speed Wireless Access (outdoor, indoor): Mobile Communication System which can transmit at up to 30 Mbps using the SHF and other band (3-60 GHz). It can be used for mobile video telephone conversations.
  • Ultra High Speed Wireless LAN (indoor): Wireless LAN which can transmit up to 156 Mbps using the millimeter wave radio band (30-300 GHz). It can be used for high quality TV conferences.
  • 5 GHz Band Mobile Access (outdoor, indoor): ATM type Wireless Assess and Eathernet type Wireless LAN using 5 GHz band. Each system can transmit at up to 20-25 Mbps for multimedia information.
  • Wireless Home-Link (indoor): Wireless Home-Link which can transmit up to 100 Mbps using the SHF and other band (3-60 GHz) .It can be used for between PCs and Audio Visual equipments transmit multimedia information.

(Broadband services for everyone over fixed wireless access networks): The goals are to develop an economical realistic network architecture to provide true broadband services for all citizens in Europe; to bring European industry in the lead for next generation wireless solutions; and to motivate advanced utilization of broadband services at all levels of the society by performing wireless demonstrations and trials in rural areas.

EMBRACE Project:
The Efficient Millimeter Broadband Radio Access for Convergence and Evolution (EMBRACE) project is one of the European Commission IST projects. The main goal is to develop a low cost radio access system for the mass market.

ASTAP Expert Group on FWA:
The scope of the activities of the group is to promote standardization activities on FWA and the following is the proposed output: a review of FWA and related standard development as defined by the appropriate organizations; and coordinated contribution to ITU meetings, if necessary.

Wireless LAN Association (WLANA):
A trade association comprised of the thought leaders and technology innovators in the local area wireless technology industry. Provides a clearinghouse of information about wireless local area applications, issues and trends and serves as a resource to customers and prospects of wireless local area products and to industry press and analysts.

WCA (Wireless Communications Association International):
Founded in 1988, the WCA is the principal non-profit trade association representing the wireless broadband industry. Its mission is to advance the interests of the industry´s operators, equipment providers, and professional services firms.

LMDS Wireless:
LMDS Wireless is the leading resource for information concerning the LMDS industry founded in 1999.


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