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ITU-T SG 12  TD (2020-04-15) 


Performance, QoS and QoE

Study Period 2017

Meeting  from 2020-04-15 to 2020-04-24

held in E-Meeting

Other Meetings : 2021-10-12  2021-05-04  2021-01-06  2020-09-07  [ 2020-04-15 ]  2019-11-26  2019-09-04  2019-05-07  2018-11-27  2018-05-01  2018-02-15  2017-09-19  2017-01-10 

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Temporary Documents  (GEN)   Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 1225-GEN ]  
Statistics and list of participants to each session of SG12 (15 - 24 April 2020) e-meeting     TSB   QALL/12   2020-05-11
[ 1224-GEN ]  
Executive summary for WP1/12 meeting     Chairman WP1/12   Q7/12, Q6/12, Q5/12, Q4/12, Q3/12, Q10/12   2020-04-24
[ 1223-GEN ]  
Executive summary for WP3/12 meeting     Chairman WP3/12   Q8/12, Q17/12, Q13/12, Q12/12, Q11/12   2020-04-24
[ 1222-GEN ]  
Executive Summary for W2/12 Meeting     Chairman WP2/12 , Vice-chairman WP2/12   Q9/12, Q19/12, Q16/12, Q15/12, Q14/12   2020-04-23
[ 1221-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on Revision of Recommendation P.501 (reply to TD1135)     ITU-T Study Group 12   Q6/12   2020-04-23
[ 1220-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on QoE indicators and progress work of Video Quality Management of Surveillance Service (reply to SG2-LS124)     ITU-T Study Group 12   Q14/12   2020-04-23
[ 1219-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on WTSA-20 preparations (reply to TSAG-LS20)     ITU-T Study Group 12   QALL/12   2020-04-23
[ 1218-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on shared information about progress on ITU-T working item "Application guide for ITU-T Recommendation E.804: Quality of service aspects for popular services in mobile networks" and on ETSI TS 102 250-x document series (reply to TD1136)     ITU-T Study Group 12   Q12/12   2020-04-22
[ 1217-GEN ]  
LS/o - Information about new activities in ITU-T Q17/12     ITU-T Study Group 12   Q17/12   2020-04-22
[ 1216-GEN ]  
Recommendation ITU-T P.1203.3 Amendment 1 "Adjustment of the audiovisual quality" (for consent) (was P.1203.3 Pq quick-fix)     Co-Rapporteurs Q14/12   Q14/12   2020-04-22
[ 1215-GEN ]  
Proposed new ITU-T Recommendation in the work programme: P.NATS Phase 3     Co-Rapporteurs Q14/12   Q14/12   2020-04-22
[ 1214-GEN ]  
Proposed new ITU-T Recommendation in the work programme: P.DiAQoSE     Co-Rapporteurs Q14/12   Q14/12   2020-04-22
[ 1213-GEN ]  
New ITU-T Y-series - Supplement 60 "Interpreting Y.1540 Maximum IP-Layer Capacity Measurements" (for agreement)     Editor Y.1540   Q17/12   2020-04-22
[ 1212-GEN ]  
LS/o/r about TSAG Information Session on Network 2030 (reply to TD1121)     ITU-T Study Group 12   Q17/12   2020-04-22
[ 1211-GEN ]  
Baseline text for G.QoE-AR     Editors G.QoE-AR   Q13/12   2020-04-22
[ 1210-GEN ]  
oLS on Request on Alternative Calling Procedure Activities     ITU-T Study Group 12   Q11/12   2020-04-22
[ 1209-GEN ]  
First draft of Rec. G.ODP: QoS metrics for the assessment of the impact of fixed geographic structures on telephony quality and call stability     Editors G.ODP   Q13/12   2020-04-22
[ 1208-GEN ]  
LS/o/r on loudness calculation when additional receive amplification is implemented in speech terminals (reply to TD1133)     ITU-T Study Group 12   Q5/12   2020-04-21
[ 1207-GEN ]  
Draft new Recommendation ITU-T G.QoE-VR "Influencing Factors on Quality of Experience (QoE) for Virtual Reality Services" (for consent)     Editors G.QoE-VR   Q13/12   2020-04-21
[ 1206-GEN ]  
Proposed appendix for new Recommendation ITU-T E.CrowdESFB "Crowdsourcing approach for the assessment of end-to-end QoS in fixed and mobile broadband networks"     Editors E.CrowdESFB   Q12/12   2020-04-21
[ 1205-GEN ]  
First draft of new Recommendation G.IntAct     Editors G.IntAct   Q17/12   2020-04-20
[ 1204-GEN ]  
Draft baseline for ITU-T P.360-VR "Subjective test methodologies for 360-degree video on HMD"     Editors P.360-VR   Q13/12   2020-04-20
[ 1203-GEN ]  
New ITU-T Technical Paper GSTP-IPTV-QoS "Performance metrics for end-to-end IPTV video quality" (for agreement)     Editors G.IPTV-MP   Q13/12   2020-04-20
[ 1202-GEN ]  
First draft of G.NCAP: Framework for capacity assessment of packet data services in mobile networks     Editors G.NCAP   Q17/12   2020-04-19
[ 1201-GEN ]  
First Draft of Y.COPI: QoS metrics for continuity-of-performance of packet data based services     Editors Y.COPI   Q17/12   2020-04-19
[ 1200-GEN ]  
Base text P.VSQMTF-1: A First Predictor of Speech Quality by Machine Learning based on P.565 framework     Editor P.VSQMTF-1   Q15/12   2020-04-19
[ 1199-GEN ]  
Updated base text of ITU-T Recommendation E.804.1, "Application guide for ITU-T Recommendation E.804: Quality of service aspects for popular services in mobile networks"     Editor E.804.1   Q12/12   2020-04-19
[ 1198-GEN ]  
Draft revised Recommendation ITU-T P.501 "Test signals for use in telephony and other speech-based services" (for consent)     Rapporteur Q6/12   Q6/12   2020-04-17
[ 1197-GEN ]  
LS/o/r Feedback on incoming LS from ETSI TC ITS (reply to TD1113 / ETSI TCITS-LS35r1)     ITU-T Study Group 12   Q4/12   2020-04-17
[ 1196-GEN ]  
LS/o/r Feedback on incoming LS from FGVM (reply to TD1106)     ITU-T Study Group 12   Q4/12   2020-04-17
[ 1195-GEN ]  
Test case overview for use in editing of P.DHIP and P.381     Acting Rapporteur Q3/12   Q3/12   2020-04-17
[ 1194-GEN ]  
List of participants (E-meeting, 15-24 April 2020)     TSB   QALL/12   2020-04-16
[ 1193-GEN ]  
Updated experimental settings for the subjective test of G.CMVTQS     Editors G.CMVTQS   Q15/12   2020-04-15
[ 1192-GEN ]  
Status Report of Q14/12: Development of models and tools for multimedia quality assessment of packet-based video services     Co-rapporteurs Q14/12   Q14/12   2020-04-15
[ 1191-GEN ]  
Operational Plan for implementation of the WTSA Resolution 95 (Hammamet, 2016)     SG12 Representative for Service Quality (Res. 95)   Q1/12   2020-04-14
[ 1190-GEN ]  
Status Report of Q3/12: Speech transmission and audio characteristics of communication terminals for fixed circuit-switched, mobile and packet-switched Internet protocol (IP) networks     Acting Rapporteur Q3/12   Q3/12   2020-04-14
[ 1189-GEN ]  
Status Report of Q10/12: Conferencing and telemeeting assessment     Rapporteurs Q10/12   Q10/12   2020-04-14
[ 1188-GEN ]  
Fourth draft of P.DHIP     Editor P.DHIP   Q3/12   2020-04-14
[ 1187-GEN ]  
Status Report of Q5/12: Telephonometric methodologies for handset and headset terminals     Rapporteur Q5/12   Q5/12   2020-04-14
[ 1186-GEN ]  
Status Report of Q17/12: Performance of packet-based networks and other networking technologies     Rapporteur Q17/12   Q17/12   2020-04-14
[ 1185-GEN ]  
Status Report of Q19/12: Objective and subjective methods for evaluating perceptual audiovisual quality in multimedia and television services     Rapporteur Q19/12   Q19/12   2020-04-14
[ 1184-GEN ]  
Status Report of Q6/12: Analysis methods using complex measurement signals including their application for speech and audio enhancement techniques     Rapporteur Q6/12   Q6/12   2020-04-14
[ 1183-GEN ]  
Status Report Q4/12: Objective methods for speech and audio evaluation in vehicles     Rapporteur Q4/12   Q4/12   2020-04-14
[ 1182-GEN ]  
Draft Status Report of Question 1/12: SG12 work programme and quality of service/quality of experience (QoS/QoE) coordination in ITU-T     Rapporteurs Q1/12   Q1/12   2020-04-14
[ 1181-GEN ]  
First draft of G.ACP     Editor G.ACP   Q11/12   2020-04-14
[ 1180-GEN ]  
Considerations for the development of new QoS and QoE related objective models to be embedded in Recommendations prepared by Study Group 12     Editor Supp.CDR (ex Supp.ML)   Q1/12   2020-04-14
[ 1179-GEN ]  
Status Report of Question 11/12: Performance considerations for interconnected networks     Rapporteur Q11/12   Q11/12   2020-04-14
[ 1178-GEN ]  
Status Report and Draft Agenda of Q12/12: Operational aspects of telecommunication network service quality     Rapporteurs Q12/12   Q12/12   2020-04-14
[ 1177-GEN ]  
Status Report of Q2/12: Definitions, guides and frameworks related to QoS/QoE     Rapporteurs Q2/12   Q2/12   2020-04-13
[ 1176-GEN ]  
ITU Kaleidoscope 2019 highlights and ITU Kaleidoscope 2020     TSB   Q1/12   2020-04-13
Results:122 total items.
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