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ITU-T SG 12  ALL (2019-11-26) 


Performance, QoS and QoE

Study Period 2017

Meeting  from 2019-11-26 to 2019-12-05

held in Switzerland [Geneva]

Collective Letters  Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 8 ]  
Meeting of Study Group 12; Geneva, 26 November - 5 December 2019     TSB   QALL/12   2019-09-06

Contributions  Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 446 ]  
Opinion Model Predicting Gaming QoE (G.OMG)     TU Berlin (Germany)   Q13/12   2019-11-13
[ 445 ]  
Performance Evaluation of the Opinion Model Predicting Gaming QoE (G.OMG)     TU Berlin (Germany)   Q13/12   2019-11-13
[ 444 ]  
Proposal of a Content Classification for Cloud Gaming Services     TU Berlin (Germany)   Q13/12   2019-11-13
[ 443 ]  
Inputs to Draft In-Car Communication Specification     Qualcomm, Inc. (United States)   Q4/12   2019-11-13
[ 442 ]  
Methods to evaluate multi-dimensional IP-Layer Performance Measurements     AT&T, Inc. (United States)   Q17/12   2019-11-13
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Temporary Documents  Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 1022-GEN ]  
Latest draft of Supplement on "Considerations for the development of new Recommendations in SG12" (Suppl.ML)     Editor Suppl.ML   Q1/12   2019-11-14
[ 1021-GEN ]  
Ninth Draft of In-Car Communication Audio Specification     Editor P.ICC   Q4/12   2019-11-13
[ 1020-GEN ]  
Stable Draft Text for a New Recommendation "Framework for creation and performance testing of ML based models for the assessment of transmission network impact on speech quality for mobile packet-switched voice services" (P.VSQMTF) (for consent)     Editor P.VSQMTF   Q15/12   2019-11-13
[ 1019-GEN ]  
Draft new Rec. E.CrowdESFB: Crowdsourcing Approach for the Assessment of End-to-end QoS in Fixed Broadband and Mobile Networks     Editors E.CrowdESFB   Q12/12   2019-11-13
[ 1018-GEN ]  
LS/i to ITU-T SG12 TIA TR41 & 3GPP SA4 on a new objective method for calculating listening effort     ETSI TC STQ   Q6/12, Q5/12, Q4/12   2019-11-11
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