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ITU-T SG 12  TD (2018-11-27) 


Performance, QoS and QoE

Study Period 2017

Meeting  from 2018-11-27 to 2018-12-06

held in Switzerland [Geneva]

Other Meetings : [ 2018-11-27 ]  2018-05-01  2018-02-15  2017-09-19  2017-01-10 

Results:23 total items.
Temporary Documents  (GEN)   Documents / Contributions
Title Source AI/Question
[ 598-GEN ]  
LS/i on completion of SPAN work item     3GPP TSG-SA4   Q9/12, Q6/12, Q5/12, Q3/12   2018-08-07
[ 597-GEN ]  
LS/i on ITU inter-Sector coordination: WPs 5A, 5B and 5C versus ITU-T Questions     ITU-R WP 5A, 5B and 5C   Q1/12   2018-08-06
[ 596-GEN ]  
LS/i on Establishment of new Focus Group on Network Technologies for 2030 and beyond (FG NET-2030)     ITU-T Study Group 13   Q1/12   2018-08-06
[ 595-GEN ]  
LS/i on request of comments for a new work item on QoS requirements for IMT-2020     ITU-T Study Group 13   Q2/12   2018-08-06
[ 594-GEN ]  
LS/i/r on guidelines for safe listening devices (reply to SG12-LS45)     ITU-T Study Group 16   Q5/12   2018-08-02
[ 593-GEN ]  
LS/i/r on draft ITU-T H.CDN-PMTM (reply to SG12-LS55)     ITU-T Study Group 16   Q17/12   2018-08-02
[ 592-GEN ]  
LS/i on new ITU-T Recommendations related to Immersive Live Experience (ILE); service scenarios, high-level requirement and architectural framework     ITU-T Study Group 16   Q13/12   2018-08-02
[ 591-GEN ]  
LS/i on reference table to be used for Conformance and Interoperability testing     ITU-T Sdudy Group 11   Q1/12   2018-08-02
[ 590-GEN ]  
LS/i on appointment of ITU technical experts     ITU-T Study Group 11   Q1/12   2018-08-02
[ 589-GEN ]  
LS/i/r regarding studies on the impacts of counterfeit and non-compliant devices on the QoS/QoE of Mobile Networks (reply to SG12-LS49)     ITU-T Study Group 11   Q12/12   2018-08-02
[ 588-GEN ]  
LS/i/r on current status of the draft Recommendation ITU-T Q.3961 (reply to SG12-LS57)     ITU-T Study Group 11   Q17/12   2018-08-02
[ 587-GEN ]  
LS/i on Telecommunication Management and OAM Project Plan     ITU-T Study Group 2   Q1/12   2018-07-23
[ 586-GEN ]  
LS/i on ITU inter-Sector coordination: ITU-R Working Parties 1A, 1B, and 1C versus ITU-T Questions     ITU-R Study Group 1   Q1/12   2018-07-09
[ 585-GEN ]  
LS/i on the terms and definitions database     SCV   Q2/12   2018-07-06
[ 584-GEN ]  
LS/i on new terms and definitions in ITU-T SG20 work     SCV   Q2/12   2018-07-06
[ 583-GEN ]  
LS/i on new ITU-T SG2 terms and definitions     SCV   Q2/12   2018-07-06
[ 582-GEN ]  
LS/i -In-home video support project in Broadband Forum     Broadband Forum   Q13/12   2018-06-26
[ 581-GEN ]  
LS/i on progress report of the ITU-T FG-DPM and request to extend lifetime of the ITU-T FG-DPM     ITU-T Study Group 20   Q1/12   2018-05-29
[ 580-GEN ]  
LS/i on matching of ITU-D SG1 and SG2 Questions of interest to ITU-T Study Groups     ITU-D Study Group 2; ITU-D Study Group 1   Q1/12   2018-05-29
[ 579-GEN ]  
LS/i on the work of ITU-T SG3 in relation to the Mobile Financial Services     ITU-T Study Group 3   Q13/12   2018-05-29
[ 578-GEN ]  
LS/i to ITU-T, ITU-R, APT (ASTAP) and CITEL on disaster relief use cases     ITU-D Study Group 2 Question 5/2   Q1/12   2018-05-29
[ 577-GEN ]  
LS/i -Initiative for Guidelines on OTT Video Streaming Service Quality Evaluation     ETSI STQ Mobile   Q14/12   2018-05-29
[ 576-GEN ]  
LS/i on Invitation to update the information in the IMT2020 roadmap     JCA-IMT2020   Q8/12   2018-05-28
Results:23 total items.
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