Page 4 - U4SSC City Snapshot, Aukra, Norway, April 2021
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Performance to Benchmarks — Key Performance Indicators
        Sub Dimensions

                                          ICT                      Productivity                Infrastructure
           Economy               (ICT Infrastructure, Water         (Innovation,            (Water and Sanitation,
                                 and Sanitation, Drainage,         Employment)            Electricity Supply, Transport,
                                Electricity Supply, Transport,                              Waste, Buildings, Urban
                                      Public Sector)                                              Planning)

                                     Environment                     Energy
         Environment                (Air Quality, Water              (Energy)
                                  and Sanitation, Waste,
                               Environmental Quality, Public
                                Space and Nature, Energy)

                                   Education, Health              Safety, Housing
            Society                  and Culture                and Social Inclusion
          and Culture              (Education, Health,         (Housing, Social Inclusion,
                                        Culture)                 Safety, Food Security)

                      95%+ Target
                      66–95% of Target

                      33-66% of Target                                            For more information, please contact:
                      Less than 33% of Target                                               Website:

                                                                                     with the support of:
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