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Council Working Group to Prepare for the 2012 WCIT (CWG-WCIT12)

2010 Plenipotentiary Conference Resolution on Preparations for the 2012 World Conference on International Telecommunications

Having considered the report of the CWG-WCIT to the Plenipotentiary Conference, and contributions from Member States, the Plenipotentiary Conference adopted Resolution 171 on Preparations for the 2012 WCIT.  That Resolution resolves, inter alia, that CWG-WCIT-12, pursuant to Council Resolution 1312, shall constitute the preparatory process for WCIT-12, taking into consideration the results of the regional preparatory meetings, as appropriate; and further resolves, in addition to the work specified in, and without prejudice to, Council Resolution 1312:

1) to consider and study all relevant work and outputs that have been developed in the ITU regarding ITRs;

2) to discuss and examine all proposals for revision to the ITRs, including proposals for addition of new and emerging issues, for updating and suppression of provisions and/or for abrogation as appropriate;

3) to discuss and examine all proposals for revision to the ITRs, provided that those proposals:

a) are consistent with the purposes of the Union set forth in Article 1 of the ITU Constitution;

b) are in line with the scope and purpose of the ITRs as set out in its Article 1, with the understanding that CWG-WCIT-12 could consider proposals for the revision of Article 1of the ITRs;

c) reflect, inter alia, strategic and policy principles, with a view to ensuring flexibility in order to accommodate technological advances;

d) are of relevance to be included in an international treaty;

4) to prepare a final report, based on, and consolidating, inputs and reports from all preparatory activities, including regional preparatory meetings, that presents all options and views for WCIT-12, four months prior to WCIT in order for Member States, and in particular developing countries, to prepare for WCIT-12.


Council 09 Resolution on Preparations for the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT)

Having considered the report of the Expert Group to Review the ITRs (ITR-EG) and pursuant to Resolution 146 (Antalya, 2006), Council 09 adopted Resolution 1312, thus creating a Council Working Group to Prepare for the World Conference on International Telecommunications in 2012 (CWG-WCIT12). It was resolved that the Group submit progress reports to Council 2010 and 2011; that it submit a report to the 2010 Plenipotentiary Conference; and that it present its final report, well in advance of WCIT, for the use of Member States in preparing their proposals to that conference. The Groupís final report will be submitted to WCIT by the Secretary-General.

Any comments or contributions to the work should be sent to the secretariat at The template can be found here.

Terms of Reference of CWG-WCIT12

The Group, open to all Member States and Sector Members, and working in the ITUís six official languages, will:

  1. Consider as appropriate relevant work regarding the ITRs that took place prior to the work of the Expert Group to review the ITRs.

  2. Take into account the work and the outputs of the Expert Group to Review the ITRs and of the World Telecommunication Policy Forum (Lisbon, 2009), with emphasis on Opinion 6.

  3. Study contributions and note information documents submitted to it, including the contributions presented to Council 2009 and the comments made during discussions at Council 2009.

  4. Discuss proposals for revisions to the existing ITRs, including proposals for suppressions of provisions and/or abrogation as appropriate.

  5. Discuss proposals relating to new and emerging issues.

  6. Reflect the results of all discussions, with possible reflection of parties' positions in the minutes of the meetings, without taking any decisions on those positions.

  7. Reconcile differences in approaches as contained in the inputs to the extent possible, or, in the case where the approaches cannot be reconciled, include the differing views and their justification.

  8. Prepare proposals to revise and/or abrogate as appropriate, the WATTC-88 Resolutions, Recommendations and Opinions.

  9. Prepare proposals as appropriate for draft new Resolutions, Recommendations and Opinions for consideration by WCIT.

PP-06 Decisions on review of the International Telecommunication Regulations and subsequent actions
The ITU Antalya Plenipotentiary Conference, after considering a number of input documents from Member States, adopted Resolution 146, which resolved that a review of the International Telecommunication Regulations should be carried out.

Resolution 146 instructs the Council to consider the reports on the above-mentioned matters, to take actions as appropriate, and to adopt the agenda and fix the dates of a World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) by 2011.

Previous Work on the ITRs
Other Information
CWG-WCIT Mailing List
In order to subscribe to the new cwg-wcit mailing list, a TIES or a Guest account is required.

TIES users can subscribe directly. If you do not yet have a TIES account, but are eligible for one, please apply for one here:

If not, you can create a Guest account here: Once you have your Guest account, please send your request via email to the CWG-WCIT Secretariat at

The mailing list archive for the main list can be accessed here, and the mailing list archive for the correspondence group on WATTC Resolutions, Recommendations, and Opinion can be accessed  here.
Dates, agenda and venue of WCIT-12

Plenipotentiary Resolution 171 resolves that the agenda and dates for the Conference as fixed in Council Resolution 1317  be adopted for the work of WCIT-12.

Council Resolution 1335 resolves that, subject to concurrence by the majority of Member States, the venue of WCIT-12 will be Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and the exact dates will be 3 to 14 December 2012.  Additional information is available on the WCIT-12 web pages.


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