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Study Group 9 - Television and sound transmission and integrated broadband cable networks

Executive summary of the SG 9 meeting
(ITU Headquarters from 2-6 February 2009)

The first meeting of Study Group 9 was attended by 45 delegates from 17 countries.

Following WTSA-08 instructions (žB.2, Annex B to WTSA-08 Resolution 2), SG 9 had two joint plenary sessions with SG 16 and 3 joint experts meetings for the Questions of common interest.

1.Approval of new Chairman of Study Group 9

The appointment of Mr. A. Webster as the new Chairman of SG 9 was announced by TSB Circular 10 (13 January 2009) pending SG9’s agreement at this meeting. The meeting approved the appointment.

2. Appointment of Rapporteurs for Study Group 9 Questions and Representatives/Liaison officers

3. Recommendations

3.1 List of determined new Recommendations (6 February 2009)





Email address
of Responsible person

J.261 (J.preffr ) Framework for implementing preferential telecommunications in IPCablecom and IPCablecom2 networks TD34R2 Q8/9
J.262 (J.prefa2) Specifications for authentication in preferential telecommunications over IPCablecom2 networks TD35R1 Q8/9
J.263 (J.prefp2) Specification for priority in preferential telecommunications over IPCablecom2 networks TD33R1 Q8/9

3.2 Draft Recommendations planned to be presented for consent at the next meeting





Email address
of Responsible person

J.iptvclientcntrl IPTV Client Control Interface Definition TD19 8/9
J.iptvclientpacm IPTV Client Provisioning, Activation, Configuration, and Management Interface Definition TD20 8/9
J.redref Perceptual video quality measurement techniques for digital cable television in the presence of a reduced reference TD78 2/9
J.ra-psnr Reference Algorithm for Computing Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) of a Processed Video Sequence with Constant Spatial Shifts and a Constant Delay TD77 2/9
J.noref Perceptual video quality measurement techniques for digital cable television in the absence of reference TD95 2/9
J.sdp-req Functional requirements for Delivery Platform for television and associated interactive services TD97 8/9,10/9

4. Proposed revision of Question 12/9

The revision of Question 12/9 was proposed in order to include the measurement of 3D video quality as 3D programs and 3D games are expected to become more widely available in the future.

It was decided to send a Liaison Statement to TSAG (see TD3) for endorsement. The revised Q12/9 is expected to be approved at the next meeting in October 2009.

5. Collaboration with Study Group 16

At their Joint Plenary meeting Study Group 9 and Study Group 16 agreed upon the working methods on collaboration activities given on the following site:

6. Future meetings

6.1 Next Study Group 9 meeting

Following agreement at the last Joint meeting of SG 9 and SG 16, it was agreed that the next meeting will start on the same day and tentative dates were proposed.

Posterior note by TSB: Due to a lack of available meeting rooms, the new planned dates will be from 26 to 30 October 2009 (Geneva) for Study Group 9 and 26 October – 6 November 2009 for Study Group 16.

6.2 Interim meetings of Rapporteur Groups

The meetings of Rapporteur Groups planned for the interim period before the next meeting of the Study Group are detailed in the table below.

Planned interim activities


Meeting Objectives

Meeting Date

Meeting Location

5/9, 8/9, 9/9 and 10/9 Primarily to progress work on draft Recommendations:
J.iptvclientcntrl, J.iptvclientpacm series, J.rg-req, J.lasdp-req and J.sdp-req
22-26 June 2009 Geneva
Collocated with WP2/16
2/9, 12/9 Progress J.redref, J.vqhdtv, J.noref, J.bitvqm 22-26 June 2009 Berlin, Germany
4/9* Progress J.201Rev August 2009 (TBD) TBD

* This meeting was proposed after the February meeting and was circulated to the SG 9 email reflector

7. Summary reports from WG Chairmen

Working Group 1 - Voice and video IP applications over cable television networks
Chairman: Gale Lightfoot Jr.

WG 1 (Q8/9) prepared 3 new draft Recommendations for TAP and 2 draft new Recommendations to progress for consent at the next SG 9 meeting.

The three draft new Recommendations for TAP addressed the support of preferential telecommunications service over IPCablecom networks. J.261 is a framework applicable to both IPCablecom and IPCablecom2 networks and forms the basis for the specifications in the new Recommendations J.262 and J.263. The framework addresses two key areas of the requirements identified in J.260: priority and authentication. Recommendation J.262 defines the specification for authentication and J.263 defines the specification for priority over IPCablecom2 networks. Future work is planned for the specifications over IPCablecom networks.

In the IPTV area, joint meetings were held with SG 16 for 2 documents addressing the interfaces between the Customer Network and Operator Network and between the Customer Network and Operations Support Systems. These interfaces are identified in J.700. These two documents are planned to be considered for consent at the next SG 9 meeting in October 2009.

Working Group 3 – Transmission of television and sound program signal for primary, secondary distribution and over optical networks, and digital program delivery controls in compressed bit streams
Chairman: Shigeyuki Sakazawa

A new study item to address the transmission system and data format to be used for free view point television (FTV) was agreed. Co-ordinating with the MPEG group any duplication in work will be addressed by the members. Work began on a new draft Recommendation J.ftvdf.

The last call comment on draft J.286, Seamless splicing for heterogeneous MPEG-2/H.264 bit streams was addressed and a revised version was produced with one remaining comment to be resolved.

Working Group 4 – Methods to deliver multi-media services over IP networks for advanced service platform and methods for conditional access against unauthorized copying and re-distribution
Chairman: Tomohiko Takahashi

A new draft Recommendation J,sdp-req, "Functional requirements for Delivery Platform for television and associated interactive services" was developed incorporating comments received during the joint Rapporteurs’ meeting with Q13/16. This Recommendation is a joint effort with WG 9. J.sdp-req was updated by including the suggestion from SG 16 to introduce a local platform on the home network to facilitate the delivery of advance applications and services by the cable operator or a third party. This recommendation is planned to be submitted for consent at the next SG 9 meeting in October 2009.

The draft will further clarify the relationship of this draft with other existing Recommendations.

Working Group 5 – Measurements and control of Quality of Service (QoS) for television transmission and objective and subjective methods for evaluating perceptual audio visual quality in multi-media services
Chairmen: David Hands and Chulhee Lee

Two new draft Recommendations J.refdef, "Perceptual video quality measurement techniques for digital cable television in the presence of a reduced reference" and J.ra-psnr, "Reference Algorithm for computing Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) of a Processed Video Sequence with Constant Spatial Shifts and a Constant Delay" were updated and planned to be submitted for consent for the next SG 9 meeting in October 2009. J.refdef was updated by including the models from Yonsei University, NTIA and NEC as annexes. Further updates will be included for the models from Yonsei University and NEC with a functional description of the algorithm. J.ra-psnr was updated to include a proposed method for calibration sequences prior to calculating the PSNR.

The new draft Recommendation J.noref, "Perpetual video quality measurement technique for digital cable television in the absence of reference" was updated and planned for consent submission in 2010.

Working Group 6 –Work Programme, Questions, Liaisons
Chairman: Satoshi Miyaji

The work program was reviewed and revised. All liaisons addressed to the Study Group as a whole were reviewed and replies were prepared as appropriate.

Working Group 8 – Transmission of Large Screen Digital Imagery programmes for contribution and distribution purposes
Chairman: Shigeyuki Sakazawa

The group discussed the requirements for real time transmission of exLSDI and requested input from members on a system architecture utilizing existing video coding standard. This work is to be included as future Recommendation.

Working Group 9 – Functional requirements for a universal integrated receiver or set-top box for the reception of advanced content distribution services and the extension of network-based content distribution services over broadband in Home Networks
Chairman: Mayumi Matsumoto

Two new draft Recommendations J.rg-req, "A Residential Gateway Requirement to support interactive services for Hybtrid Terminal Device" and J.lasdp-req, "Functional and Application Programming Interface Requirements for Local Application and Service Delivery Platform (LASDP) for Cable Networks" were updated and further work to enhance the documents is planned before the next SG 9 meeting.


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