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ITU Internet Reports 2004: The Portable Internet

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"The Portable Internet" is the sixth in the series of "ITU Internet Reports", originally launched in 1997. It has been prepared to coincide with ITU TELECOM Asia 2004, Exhibition and Forum, to be held in Busan (Republic of Korea) from 7 to 11 September 2004. This new report examines the emergence of high-speed wireless Internet access together with the proliferation of portable devices. In so doing, it explores the market potential and future impact of this new set of technologies underlying the "portable Internet". Chapter one, the Introduction, defines the portable Internet for the purposes of the report, focusing in particular on its disruptive nature relative to existing business models, and examines the stakes for industry and the public sector. Chapter two, Technologies for the portable Internet, provides a technical overview of high-speed mobile and wireless networks underlying the portable Internet. Chapter three, Market trends, looks at growth patterns, market opportunities, pricing strategies and corporate strategies. Chapter four, Policy and regulatory aspects, discusses the challenges faced by regulators and policy-makers in an increasingly portable environment. Chapter five, The Portable Internet as a tool for bridging the digital divide, considers the impact of the portable Internet in underserved areas and looks at the role played by national policy, community initiatives, education and affordability in extending its reach. Chapter six, The future of portable Internet technologies, explores cutting-edge developments and future market applications. Chapter seven, The information society and the human factor, looks at the impact of portable Internet technologies on society and socialization. The Statistical annex contains the latest available data (year-end 2003 statistical indicators, and July 2004 price data) for some 206 economies worldwide, as well as graphs and charts benchmarking performance.

ITU is committed to playing a positive role in the development of the information society and to extending the benefits of new information and communication technologies, such as portable Internet solutions, to all the world's inhabitants. This is in line with Resolution 101 of the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference (Minneapolis, 1998; updated Marrakesh 2002), which calls upon ITU to "fully embrace the opportunities for telecommunication development that arise from the growth of IP-based services", and subsequent ongoing calls from ITU's Member States to continue actively to pursue this objective. The ITU Internet Reports are hopefully a significant contribution to that commitment.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Technologies for the portable Internet
Market Trends 
Policy and regulatory aspects
The portable Internet as a tool for bridging the digital divide
The future of portable Internet technologies 
The information society and the human factor
Statistical Annex*

*The statistical annex contains the following: basic indicators, mobile subscribers, mobile prices, Internet subscribers, information technology, broadband subscribers, broadband prices; network penetration; international IP bandwidth and main telephone lines.

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