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Mobile overtakes Fixed: Competition Policy
This page has been designed to provide some background information on the relationship between mobile and fixed-line communications. 

Some documents are in Microsoft Word or .doc format:. If you require a Word Viewer or Reader, they are available here at the Microsoft site.  Other documents are in Acrobat or .pdf format: .  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat®  reader, it is available free of charge from the Adobe website:


Other online resources:
International roaming
Pricing and billing
Competition policy in mobile markets
Licensing and spectrum policy
Mobile data communications
Consumer protection and privacy

Regulatory Material

OFTEL, Review of SIM-locking policy, November 2002

OFTEL, Effect of regulation on retail mobile market competition, August 2002

OFTEL, Estimates of targeted subsidies?, June 2002

ART, Decrease of the price of fixed to mobile calls , November 2002

ACCC, Pricing principles for mobile number portability, May 2001

DoJ, Justice Department clears way for formation of wireless telecommunications patent platform, November 2002

Academic Resources

Is mobile telephony a natural oligopoly?, Tommaso M. Valetti, August 2002

Network competition among mobile telecommunication operators with market influence, Losada, Ramiro, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain , ITS Europe 2002

Toward sustainable competition in global telecommunications: from principle to practice, William J. Drake

Related Material

Worldbank, Competition in mobile communications, Viewpoint, Carlo Maria Rosotto, Michael Kerf, Jeffrey Rohlfs

INTUG, Anti-competitive conduct and competition policy in telecommunications

INTUG, Mobile number portability

INTUG, Position paper on numbers and numbering

INTUG, Position paper on instant messaging and ENUM

ITU Resources
New Initiatives Workshop 'Competition policy in telecommunications'

ITU Internet Report 2002: Internet for a mobile generation

Background Paper: "Mobile Overtakes Fixed: Implications for Policy and Regulation", ITU 2003,


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