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The future "ubiquitous" mobile information society
This page provides resources on "ubiquitous" or "pervasive" mobile, relating to developments in the miniaturization of mobile wireless devices and the proliferation of always-on, everywhere communications. This phenomenon has been referred to as '"pervasive communications", invisible mobile (Forrester), "ambient computing", "ubiquitous computing" (USA) or "ubiquitous networking" (Japan). Technological convergence underlying next-generation networks (NGN) is set to play a key role in realizing this wireless ubiquity. 

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Research Centres, Institutes and Think Tanks
MIT's Auto-ID Centre (closed as of 26 October 2003). See  EPCGlobal.
M-Lab: the Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing Lab, Switzerland
Japan's Ubiquitous ID Centre
Centre for Pervasive Computing (Denmark)
Fraunhofer-IPSI Research Institute AMBIENTE Division
Accenture Technology Labs:  Ubiquitous Commerce
Tangible Media Group, MIT Media Lab
Research project 'MobileLearner', How to support learning with ubiquitous computing
University of California at Berkeley's  Smart Dust Project


Related ITU Activities
(SPU) SPU NEWSLOG on "Mobile" and "Wireless Networks"
(SPU) ITU Internet Report "The Portable Internet," September 2004
(SPU) ITU Internet Report "Internet for a Mobile Generation", September 2002"
(SPU) Research project on "Mobile overtakes fixed" (2003)
(ITU-T) Workshop on "Next-Generation Networks: What, When and How
(ITU-T) Seminar on IMT-2000 and Systems Beyond (Ottawa, May 2002)
(ITU) ITU Handbook on Deployment of IMT-2000 Systems
(ITU-R) Working Party 8F on IMT-2000 and Systems Beyond IMT-2000
(ITU-T) IMT-2000 Network Aspects
(ITU-T) Special Study Group IMT-2000 and Beyond
General Resources on Pervasive or Ubiquitous Mobile
Smart ID and Privacy in Japan: Legal Issues of Tracking Using Radio Frequency Identification , T. Natsui, Meiji University of Tokyo, September 2003
The Blocker Tag: Selective Blocking of RFID Tags for Consumer Privacy, A. Juels, R.L. Rivest, and M. Szydlo (RSA Labs and MIT)
Position Statement on the Use of RFID on Consumer Products endorsed by a number of consumer, privacy and civil liberties organizations (14 November 2003)
On the future of RFID Tags and Protocols , S, Sarma, D. Engels, June 2003, Auto-ID Centre
Heterogeneous mobile: Getting a Wi-Fi of 3G?, Arculli & Associates/Gilbert & Tobin, 2003
IEEE Pervasive Computing Magazine 
Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering (CASPIAN) 
The Disappearing Computer, EU-funded project
IBM's site on Pervasive Computing
Home Networking Overview from the International Engineering Consortium (registration required)
Selected Opinion Papers from Japan's Nomura Research Institute (NRI):
- Establishing the Ubiquitous Network Environment in Japan (2003)

- Using Ubiquitous Networks to Create New Services Based on the Commercial and Public Infrastructure(2002)

- Innovative Business Models in the Era of Ubiquitous Networks (2002)

- Marketing Strategy in the Era of Ubiquitous Networks (2002)

- Consumers and Consumer Industries in the Ubiquitous Network Era(2002)

- For more papers from NRI, click here

Next-Generation Networks and Fixed-Mobile Convergence
ITU's Workshop on "Next-Generation Networks: What, When and How?
Emerging Technologies Conference at MIT, 24-25 September 2003
Study on regulatory implications of the introduction of Next Generation Networks and other new developments in electronic communications by Devoteam/Siticom for the European Commission , June 2003
SPU Lunchtime Seminar Presentation "Next Generation Networks: The Convergence Platform", Chae Sub LEE, July 2003
Creating a regulatory framework for converged markets in telecommunications and media, Boersen, Arne A.T.Kearney GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany, ITS Europe 2002
Convergence of Mobile and Fixed Technologies: Extending Broadband Access within Licensed GSM Radio Spectrum , ComReg (Ireland) Consultation Paper, February 2003
Next Generation Networks - A White Paper from Telcordia
Corporate Presentations given by KT (Korea) on Broadband Networks in Korea and Broadband Strategy  in Korea (December 2003) and Beyond Broadband Access (2004)


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