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Future mobile information society: Resources on Content
This page provides background resources relating to mobile applications and content development, with a particular emphasis on messaging technologies and pricing issues. 

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Mobile Technology
Pervasive or ubiquitous mobile
Human and socio-political considerations

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Selected Forums and Consortia on Content
Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) 
The Mobey Forum (mobile financial services)
Mobile Content Forum (Japan) 
Mobile Management Forum


Related ITU Activities

(SPU) SPU NEWSLOG on "Mobile" and "Wireless Networks" and "Ubiquitous Networks"

(SPU) ITU Internet Report "The Portable Internet," September 2004
(SPU) ITU Internet Report "Internet for a Mobile Generation", September 2002
(SPU) Research project on "Mobile overtakes fixed" (2003)
(ITU-T) Workshop on "Next-Generation Networks: What, When and How
(ITU-T) Seminar on IMT-2000 and Systems Beyond (Ottawa, May 2002)
(ITU) ITU Handbook on Deployment of IMT-2000 Systems
(ITU-R) Working Party 8F on IMT-2000 and Systems Beyond IMT-2000
(ITU-T) IMT-2000 Network Aspects
(ITU-T) Special Study Group IMT-2000 and Beyond
Content Development and Delivery

European Commission - eContent, Digital Content for Global Mobile Services, a report by the European Commission and Andersen Consulting, 2002 (Click here for executive summary) 

European Commission - eContent, Indicators for European Digital Content for the Global Networks: Final Report for the Second Measurement for European Commission  DG Information Society  , Technopolis Group (for the European Commission), April 2003 
Mobile Gateway usage - clarification of the regulatory environment, ComReg (Ireland) Information Notice, February 2003


Specific Applications for mobile
The Mobile Messaging Page: Examples of selected messaging (SMS, MMS) applications, ITU 
Future Mobile Applications - Briefing Note , ComReg (Ireland) - Forward-Looking Programme, June 2003
Report from Demos, Mobilisation: The growing public interest in mobile technology, June 2003 (in conjunction with mm02)
International Federation of Surveyors, Location-based services and personal navigation in mobile information society
I want my wireless e-mail ! Article by Bruno Giussani, June 2003 Press Release, Walkie Talkie for mobile phones, May 2003


The power of messaging 
Examples of selected messaging (SMS, MMS) applications, ITU, Updated to February 2004 
Mobile SMS Whitepaper , Monaco Télématique, May 2004
NetSize, European SMS Guide , February 2003 - U.K. (United Kingdom) information portal on messaging. See "how to text", a guide to texting
U.K. SMS Statistics from Mobile Data Association
E-government: Sending your MP an SMS
Hungarian govt. using SMS as a campaigning tool
Australian Communications Authority, Discussion Paper on "Options for Numbering of SMS in Australia", October 2002
The Future of Mobile Newscasting: Mobile News Study , Infonomics, 2002
ODTR (Ireland), A framework for value-added text messaging services, January 2002
OFTA (Hong Kong), Inter-operator SMS - the regulator's perspective 


Pricing mobile voice and data 

OECD, Cellular mobile pricing structures and trends, May 2000

UMTS Forum, Charging, billing, and payment views on 3G business models, July 2002

GSM World, Billing standards

Are there content models for the wireless world? Ben Compaine, MIT, 2002
The wholesale national market for international roaming; possible remedies, an INTUG submission to the European Regulators Group, May 2003


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