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Press Conferences and Press Events

Submit your media event for the WSIS Events Calendar

Ensure all accredited journalists are informed of your press conferences/events by including the details in the WSIS Events Calendar. This Calendar will be made available to journalists both on-line and on-site at the Media Centre. Early dissemination of events will help the media plan their activities on-site and potentially boost your attendance figures.

The Events Calendar can only feature those media events organized by accredited entities and ICT4all Exhibitors. Plus all media entries must be submitted via the corresponding Media Relations Officer. Government delegations, regional and international organizations and invited entities should click here to register their Media Relations Officer, if not already completed. Members of Civil Society and business entities should contact their respective Media Relations Officer who will make the reservation on their behalf (see here for Civil Society, here for Business entities). ICT4All exhibitors that are not accredited entities should contact Alison Fay Walters at

Note that, for a media event to be included in the WSIS Events Calendar, it must be of specific interest to the media and relevant to the Summit’s agenda and objectives. We reserve the right to exclude any event that does not comply with these criteria.

To include your media event in the Calendar, click here.

Booking the official press conference room (Media Centre)

A choice of two press conference rooms is available at the WSIS Media Centre between 08:30 and 19:00 from 15 to 18 November. Each reservation slot is restricted to a maximum duration of 45 minutes which must allow for set-up and dismantling time.

Accredited Civil Society has a choice of one 40-minute or two 20-minute slots a day. Business entities have one 45-minute slot a day. Please contact your respective Media Relations Officer for details and for booking.

The press conference rooms have an approximate capacity of either 72 or 117 seats. They can also be combined to offer a capacity of approximately 190 seats (please indicate your choice of room when reserving).

Both rooms are fully equipped with audiovisual and interpretation facilities. Arabic, English and French interpretation is also automatically provided. For all other languages, please arrange to provide your own interpreter who can interpret into either Arabic, English or French.

Note that attendance is limited to accredited media. Access is also granted to the Media Relations Officer plus a small number of staff from the delegation/organization holding the press conference.

The deadline for reserving the press conference room has been set for 8 November. Up until this date, reservations will be restricted to one per delegation/organization. Following the deadline, additional requests for the room can be allocated. All requests will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis with close alternatives being offered should the time slot be already reserved

To make your reservation, click here.



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