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 Role of Media Relations Officer: Civil Society

A Media Relations Officer has been appointed from within Civil Society to interface with the Summit’s Media Office.

Ms Adina Fulga Radi ( will act as focal point for all media-related matters, and in particular for:

  1. obtaining Media Centre Overpasses required for civil society to access the Media Centre
  2. Booking Press Conferences on behalf of civil society
  3. Reserving the press conference room
  4. Gaining access to the Accredited Media List
    1. for announcing events to the Press
    2. for arranging interviews with the Press in the Media Centre
  5. Booking interview rooms
  6. Submitting information on media events for inclusion in the WSIS Media Calendar
  7. Reserving pigeonholes on behalf of civil society for distribution of their documents in the Media Centre
    Please ensure you get in touch with your Media Relations Officer to discuss your own media relations plan and take advantage of the above services.

ICT4All exhibitors should use standard channels, namely their Media Relations Officers if they are from Governments and Observers and B. Corbett or A. Fulga Radi respectively if they are business entities or civil society accredited to the Summit.

Other ICT4All exhibitors not accredited to the Summit should contact Alison Fay Walters at Otto Frei ( Ms Walters will be responsible for informing the WSIS Media Service of events of significant interest to media that will take place in the ICT4All area. These will be highlighted during the daily press briefings and will be included in the WSIS Events Calendar. ICT4All exhibitors not accredited to the Summit are however not entitled to the services available to WSIS participants. In particular, they do not have access to the Media Centre nor do they have access to the WSIS media list.



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