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ITU-T Study Group 5 - Environment and climate change
List of Questions (Study Period 2009-2012)
Q1/5   EMC issues arising from the liberalization of telecommunications networks TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q2/5   EMC related to broadband access networks TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q3/5   Human exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) due to radio systems and mobile equipment. TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q4/5   Resistibility of communication equipment TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q5/5   Lightning protection of telecommunication systems TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q6/5   Bonding configurations and earthing of telecommunication systems in the global environment TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q8/5   Home Networks TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q9/5   Interference to telecommunication networks due to power systems and electrified railway systems TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q10/5   Outside and indoor network elements for broadband applications TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q11/5   Safety in the telecommunications networks TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q12/5   EMC telecommunications recommendations TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q13/5   Protective components and assemblies TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q14/5   Guides and terminology on environment and climate change TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q15/5   Security of telecommunication and information systems regarding the electromagnetic environment TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q16/5   EMC requirements for the Information Society TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q17/5   Energy efficiency for ICT equipment and Climate Change standards harmonization TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q18/5   Methodology of environmental impact assessment of ICT TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q19/5   Power feeding systems TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q21/5   Environmental protection and recycling of ICT equipment/facilities TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q22/5   Setting up a low cost sustainable telecommunication infrastructure for rural communications in developing countries TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q23/5   Using ICTs to enable countries to adapt to climate change TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
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