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Maritime mobile Access and Retrieval System

​The main objective of the ITU MARS webpage is to provide the maritime community and Administrations with the means to access and retrieve operational information that have been notified to the Radiocommunication Bureau by the Administrations of ITU Member States. This information is updated on a daily basis

Ship Stations

Coast stations

SAR aircraft

AIS Aids to navigation (AtoN)

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  1. Global Administration Data System (GLAD)
  2. Presentations and videos showing how to notify and download information.
    General guidance.pdf 
    How to download all your maritime data, currently registered in the ITU MARS database
  3. Ship station notification video's examples:
    Ship-electronic-notification -ASCII.avi
  4. Coast station notification video's examples:
    AIS station notification.avi
    DSC station.avi
    Data for review.avi
  5. Presentation during the World Radiocommunication Seminar 2014
    ITU Service Publications (Maritime) and MARS