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Sector de Radiocomunicaciones (UIT-R)  
Últimas Recomendaciones

03/09P.618-11 (09/2013)Propagation data and prediction methods required for the design of Earth-space telecommunication systems
18/08BS.1534-2 (06/2014)Method for the subjective assessment of intermediate quality levels of coding systems
12/08BO.1443-3 (07/2014)Reference BSS earth station antenna patterns for use in interference assessment involving non-GSO satellites in frequency bands covered by RR Appendix 30
01/08P.526-13 (11/2013)Propagation by diffraction
28/07BT.1206-2 (06/2014)Spectrum limit masks for digital terrestrial television broadcasting
25/07BS.1116-2 (06/2014)Methods for the subjective assessment of small impairments in audio systems
17/07BT.2020-1 (06/2014)Parameter values for ultra-high definition television systems for production and international programme exchange
17/07BT.1680-1 (06/2014)Baseband imaging format for distribution of large screen digital imagery applications intended for presentation in a theatrical environment
17/07BS.774-4 (06/2014)Service requirements for digital sound broadcasting to vehicular, portable and fixed receivers using terrestrial transmitters in the VHF/UHF bands
17/07BS.1348-3 (06/2014)Service requirements for digital sound broadcasting at frequencies below 30 MHz
17/07BS.1114-8 (06/2014)Systems for terrestrial digital sound broadcasting to vehicular, portable and fixed receivers in the frequency range 30-3 000 MHz
02/07P.1321-4 (09/2013)Propagation factors affecting systems using digital modulation techniques at LF and MF
20/05M.1450-5 (04/2014)Characteristics of broadband radio local area networks
01/05M.1581-5 (02/2014)Generic unwanted emission characteristics of mobile stations using the terrestrial radio interfaces of IMT-2000
17/04BT.2053-0 (02/2014)Technical requirements for integrated broadcast-broadband systems
14/04M.1580-5 (02/2014)Generic unwanted emission characteristics of base stations using the terrestrial radio interfaces of IMT-2000
10/04M.2059-0 (02/2014)Operational and technical characteristics and protection criteria of radio altimeters utilizing the band 4 200-4 400 MHz
10/04M.1796-2 (02/2014)Characteristics of and protection criteria for terrestrial radars operating in the radiodetermination service in the frequency band 8 500-10 680 MHz
10/04F.1105-3 (02/2014)Fixed wireless systems for disaster mitigation and relief operations
09/04BT.1368-11 (02/2014)Planning criteria, including protection ratios, for digital terrestrial television services in the VHF/UHF bands
07/04F.1336-4 (02/2014)Reference radiation patterns of omnidirectional, sectoral and other antennas for the fixed and mobile service for use in sharing studies in the frequency range from 400 MHz to about 70 GHz
03/04M.2058-0 (02/2014)Characteristics of a digital system, named navigational data for broadcasting maritime safety and security related information from shore-to-ship in the maritime HF frequency band
28/03M.1371-5 (02/2014)Technical characteristics for an automatic identification system using time-division multiple access in the VHF maritime mobile band
26/03BT.2052-0 (02/2014)Planning criteria for terrestrial multimedia broadcasting for mobile reception using handheld receivers in VHF/UHF bands
20/03M.2012-1 (02/2014)Detailed specifications of the terrestrial radio interfaces of International Mobile Telecommunications Advanced (IMT-Advanced)


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