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Secteur des radiocommunications (UIT-R)  
Dernières Recommandations

18/10P.841-5 (09/2016)Conversion of annual statistics to worst-month statistics
18/10P.341-6 (09/2016)The concept of transmission loss for radio links
17/10P.681-9 (09/2016)Propagation data required for the design of Earth-space land mobile telecommunication systems
17/10P.453-12 (09/2016)The radio refractive index: its formula and refractivity data
17/10P.834-8 (09/2016)Effects of tropospheric refraction on radiowave propagation
17/10P.833-9 (09/2016)Attenuation in vegetation
17/10P.531-13 (09/2016)Ionospheric propagation data and prediction methods required for the design of satellite services and systems
17/10P.372-13 (09/2016)Radio noise
17/10P.311-16 (09/2016)Acquisition, presentation and analysis of data in studies of radiowave propagation
12/10SM.2096 (08/16)Test procedure for measuring direction finder sensitivity in the VHF/UHF frequency range
06/09SM.2097 (08/16)On-site accuracy measurements of a fixed direction finder system
06/09SM.2093 (08/16)Methods for measurements of indoor radio environment
12 Jul 2016BT.2036-1 (06/2016)Characteristics of a reference receiving system for frequency planning of digital terrestrial television systems
06 Jul 2016BT.2100-0 (07/2016)Image parameter values for high dynamic range television for use in production and international programme exchange
05 May 2016BT.2095-0 (04/2016)Subjective assessment of video quality using Expert Viewing Protocol
05 May 2016BT.1206-3 (04/2016)Spectrum limit masks for digital terrestrial television broadcasting
05 May 2016BS.2094-0 (04/2016)Common definitions for the Audio Definition Model
10/03P.834-7 (10/2015)Effects of tropospheric refraction on radiowave propagation
14 Dec 2015M.2082-0 (11/2015)Methodology and technical example to assist coordination of the mobile-satellite service and the radiodetermination-satellite service with the fixed service based on the power flux-density coordination trigger levels in the 2 483.5-2 500 MHz band
05/11M.1036-5 (10/2015)Frequency arrangements for implementation of the terrestrial component of International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) in the bands identified for IMT in the Radio Regulations
05/11M.2089-0 (10/2015)Technical characteristics and protection criteria for aeronautical mobile service systems in the frequency range 14.5-15.35 GHz
05/11M.2090-0 (10/2015)Specific unwanted emission limit of IMT mobile stations operating in the frequency band 694-790 MHz to facilitate protection of existing services in Region 1 in the frequency band 470-694 MHz
05/11M.2091-0 (10/2015)Methodology to calculate spectrum requirements within the frequency bands 1 545-1 555 MHz (space-to-Earth) and 1 646.5-1 656.5 MHz (Earth-to-space) for aeronautical mobile-satellite (R) service communications related to the priority categories 1 to 6 of Article 44 of the Radio Regulations
05/11M.2092-0 (10/2015)Technical characteristics for a VHF data exchange system in the VHF maritime mobile band
05/11M.541-10 (10/2015)Operational procedures for the use of digital selective-calling equipment in the maritime mobile service


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