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Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R)  
Latest Recommendations

31 Jul 2015P.832-4 (07/15)World Atlas of Ground Conductivities
31 Jul 2015P.1240-2 (07/2015)ITU-R methods of basic MUF, operational MUF and ray-path prediction
13 Jul 2015BT.2074-0 (06/2015)Service configuration, media transport protocol, and signalling information for MMT-based broadcasting systems
09 Jul 2015BT.2077-0 (06/2015)Real-time serial digital interfaces for UHDTV signals
09 Jul 2015BS.2076-0 (06/2015)Audio Definition Model
06 Jul 2015BT.709-6 (06/2015)Parameter values for the HDTV standards for production and international programme exchange
06 Jul 2015BT.2075-0 (06/2015)Integrated broadcast-broadband system
06 Jul 2015BT.1871-1 (06/2015)User requirements for wireless microphones
06 Jul 2015BT.1847-1 (06/2015)1 280 720, 16:9 progressively-captured image format for production and international programme exchange in the 50 Hz environment
06 Jul 2015BT.1674-1 (06/2015)Metadata requirements for production and post-production in broadcasting
06 Jul 2015BT-1543-1 (06/2015)1 280 720, 16:9 progressively-captured image format for production and international programme exchange in the 60 Hz environment
06 Jul 2015BT.1306-7Error correction, data framing, modulation and emission methods for digital terrestrial television broadcasting
06 Jul 2015BS.1114-9 (06/2015)Systems for terrestrial digital sound broadcasting to vehicular, portable and fixed receivers in the frequency range 30-3 000 MHz
28 May 2015M.1457-12 (2015)Detailed specifications of the terrestrial radio interfaces of International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000)
05 May 2015SM.2061 (11/14)Test procedure for measuring direction finder immunity against multi-path propagation
05 May 2015SM.2060 (11/14)Test procedure for measuring direction finder accuracy
22 Apr 2015M.690-3 (2015)Technical characteristics of emergency position-indicating radio beacons (EPIRBs) operating on the carrier frequencies of 121.5 MHz and 243 MHz
22 Apr 2015M.1174-3 (2015)Technical characteristics of equipment used for on-board vessel communications in the bands between 450 and 470 MHz
22 Apr 2015M.585-7 (2015)Assignment and use of identities in the maritime mobile service
21 Apr 2015RA.1513-2 (2015)Levels of data loss to radio astronomy observations and percentage-of-time criteria resulting from degradation by interference for frequency bands allocated to the radio astronomy service on a primary basis
25/03BT.2073-0 (02/2015)Use of the high efficiency video coding (HEVC) standard for UHDTV and HDTV broadcasting
20/03M.2070-0 (11/2014)Generic unwanted emission characteristics of base stations using the terrestrial radio interfaces of IMT-Advanced
20/03M.2015-1 (02/2015)Frequency arrangements for public protection and disaster relief radiocommunication systems in UHF bands in accordance with Resolution 646 (Rev.WRC-12)
13/03M.1460-2 (2015)Technical and operational characteristics and protection criteria of radiodetermination radars in the frequency band 2 900-3 100 MHz
10/03BT.2072-0 (02/2015)Main functionalities of consumer receivers for worldwide broadcasting roaming


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