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bullet ITU/BDT Global Seminar on Quality of Service and Consumer Protection, Geneva, Switzerland, 31 August - 1 September 2006 (presentations and background papers: ICT Quality of Service Regulation: Practices and Proposals; Consumer Protection in the Digital Age: Assessing Current and Future Activities)
bullet ITU-T Workshop on "End-to-End QoE/QoS", Geneva, Switzerland, 14-16 June 2006
bullet Interconnection in an IP-enabled NGN Environment prepared by S. Markus for the ITU Workshop on What Rules for IP enabled NGNs? SEC/SPU, March 2006 (See chap. 3)
bullet ITU Seminar on Universal Service and the Consumer Rights Protection, Guiyang, China, 24 - 25 August 2005 (Presentations)
bullet Telecommunications Consumer Protection in the Asia-Pacific Region, paper presented by Bob Horton, ACA, Australia at the ITU/BDT Global Symposium for Regulators, Hong Kong, China, 2002.
bullet New Performance Indicators Issues for Converged Services
Report from the APT Forum on Telecommunications Policy and Regulation, May 2002
, paper presented by Swee Hoe Toh, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission at the ITU/BDT Global Symposium for Regulators, Hong Kong, China, 2002. (presentation)
bullet Calidad y precio en Telefonía local: Ventaja para Operadores y Consumidores, presentation by Gustavo Pena, Secretary-General, Regulatel at the ITU/BDT Global Symposium for Regulators, Hong Kong, China, 2002.
bullet Case Study: Feedback to Regulators from Consumers, Geoffrey Cannock, Apoyo Consultoría, study presented at the ITU/BDT Global Symposium for Regulators, Hong Kong, China, 2002. (presentation)
bullet Terms and definitions related to the quality of telecommunication services. ITU-T Recommendations.
bullet Objectives for quality of service and related concepts of telecommunication services. ITU-T Recommendations.
bullet Checking the quality of the international telephone service. ITU-T Recommendations.
bullet Field data collection and evaluation on the performance of equipment, networks and services. ITU-T Recommendations.
bullet Enhancing Competition in telecommunications: protecting and empowering consumers, OECD Ministerial Background report, 2008
bullet ARICEA policy guidelines on Consumer protection
bullet Consumer Engagement with Digital Communications Services, Communications Market Special Report, Ofcom, United Kingdom, 2006
bullet Consumer protection (alternative dispute resolution), European Commission, Brussels
bullet OECD Guidelines for Protecting Consumers From Fraudulent and Deceptive Commercial practices Across Borders, Paris, 2003 (list of National Contact Points for co-operation against these practices)
bullet Quality of service for public fixed voice telephony (Universal Service and Consumer Issues, See p. 11-20), Annex 3: Regulatory Issues: supplementary data, Sixth Report on the Implementation of the Telecommunications Regulatory Package, European Commission, COM(2000)814, Brussels, 7 December 2000.
bullet Assessing consumer activity in the telecoms and Internet sectors in Africa, Russell Southwood, Balancing Act, 2006.


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