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Study Group Questions:  All Questions:
 Question 7-3/1: Implementation of universal access to broadband services
 Question 10-3/1: The impact of the licensing and authorization regime and other relevant regulatory measures on competition in a converged telecommunication/ICT environment
 Question 12-3/1: Tariff policies, tariff models and methods of determining the costs of services on national telecommunication networks, including next-generation networks
 Question 18-2/1: Enforcing national policies and regulations on consumer protection notably in a converging environment
 Question 19-2/1: Implementation of IP telecommunication services in developing countries
 Question 20-1/1: Access to telecommunication/ICT services by persons with disabilities and with special needs
 Question 22-1/1: Securing information and communication networks: best practices for developing a culture of cybersecurity
 Question 23/1: Strategies and policies concerning human exposure to electromagnetic fields
 Question 24/1: Strategies and policies for the proper disposal or reuse of telecommunications/ICT waste material
 Question 9-3/2: Identification of study topics in the ITU-T and ITU-R study groups which are of particular interest to developing countries
 Question 10-3/2: Telecommunications/ICTs for rural and remote areas
 Question 11-3/2: Examination of terrestrial digital sound and television broadcasting technologies and systems, interoperability of digital terrestrial systems with existing analogue networks, and strategies and methods of migration from analogue terrestrial techniques to digital techniques
 Question 14-3/2: Information and telecommunications/ICTs for e-Health
 Question 17-3/2: Progress on e-government activities and identification of areas of application of e-government for the benefit of developing countries
 Question 22-1/2: Utilization of telecommunications/ICTs for disaster preparedness, mitigation and response
 Question 24/2: ICT and climate change
 Question 25/2: Access technology for broadband telecommunications including IMT, for developing countries
 Question 26/2: Migration from existing networks to next-generation networks for developing countries: technical, regulatory and policy aspects
 Resolution 9: Participation of countries, particularly developing countries, in spectrum management
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