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Space Network Systems Online

Resolution 49 filing (submission)

Space Network Systems Online may be used to identify networks for which Administrative Due Diligence information (Resolution 49) should be submitted to the Bureau. Please
indicate if you want to submit your filing for satellites in " Non-Planned Services" or " Planned Services". You may enter data for Administration, Network Organization, "end of regulatory period" or "date of bringing into use" window, satellite name and longitude window in case of geostationary satellites. Note that in case you leave the "end of regulatory period" or "date of bringing into use" window empty today's date and today's date + 6 months values will be used for the selections. For "Non-Planned Services" select satellite type and category of filing.
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Enter data, select category and satellite type or specify notice identifier
    Note that by default the "End of Regulatory Period" date is used for the selection.
In case you wish to use "Date of Bringing into Use" window please check the radio button and indicate the values below
      dd.mm.yyyy           dd.mm.yyyy


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