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Help on Due diligence information submission(Resolution 49)

The scope of the query

This query allows you to make a search on the database in "Non-Planned Services" or "Planned Services" to submit Due Diligence Information to the Bureau. You may enter data for Administration, Network Organization, date of bringing into use window ,satellite name and longitude window in case of geostationary satellites. Note that in case you leave the date of bringing into use window empty the "End of Regulatory Period" value will be used for the selections. For "Non-Planned Services" select satellite type and category of filing. You may enter the identifier of the notice for which you may wish to submit Due Diligence information. After entering values into the boxes (see below) a list of selected satellites is displayed with date of bringing into use and publication information. You can select one from the list to display protection date, frequency band, IFIC information and whether the band is covered by RES49 filing. In case it is not covered you may download the required data from SNS Online and you may use SpaceCap software to provide details of the commercial satellite (launch site, manufacturer, vehicle as well as contractual dates etc.).

Selection Options

You can select

What to do?

  1. check "GSO" or "Non-GSO" from the Satellite radio buttons
  2. check "Notification", "Coordination" or "All" from the Category radio buttons


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