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Y.1501 : Relationships among ISDN, Internet protocol, and GII performance recommendations

Recommendation Y.1501

In force components
Title Status
G.820/I.351/Y.1501 (07/04)
Relationships among ISDN, IP-based network and physical layer performance Recommendations  
Formerly ITU-T Rec. I.351/Y.801/Y.1501
In force
Superseded and Withdrawn components
Title Status
I.351/I.351/Y.1501 (11/88)
Recommendations in other series concerning network performance objectives that apply at reference point T of an ISDN   Superseded
I.351/I.351/Y.1501 (03/93)
Relationships among ISDN performance Recommendations   Superseded
I.351/Y.801/Y.1501 (10/00)
Relationships among ISDN, Internet protocol, and GII performance Recommendations  
Renumbered G.820/I.351/Y.1501 when revised in 2004


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