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ITU Internet Reports 2002: Internet for a Mobile Generation

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This is the fourth in the series of “ITU Internet Reports” (previously known as “Challenges to the Network”). The first three editions looked at “Telecommunications and the Internet” (in 1997), “Internet for Development” (in 1999), and “IP Telephony” (in 2001). This edition, entitled “Internet for a Mobile Generation”, examines the possibilities and challenges emerging from the convergence of two distinct sectors of the telecommunication economy, the Internet, and mobile telephony.

Chapter one of this report, the Introduction, defines the mobile Internet in the larger context of technological con­ver­gence and market demand. Chapter two, Technologies and applications, provides a technical overview of high-speed mobile networks and available services and applications for the mobile Internet. It also examines the competition or co-existence of various network technologies. Chapter three, Market trends, takes a look at the changing landscape and the commercial challenges involved in creating a mass market for mobile Internet services. Chapter four, Regulatory and policy aspects, discusses the hurdles faced by regulators and policy-makers in a converging market environment. Chapter five, Case studies, summarizes a selection of examples taken from country case studies carried out by ITU, looking at how individual countries are approaching, or have approached, licensing and deployment of 3G. Chapter six, Conclusions: Towards a mobile information society, looks ahead to the broader societal implications of the mobile Internet.

Some of the research for this report, including the case studies, was carried out under the “New Initiatives Programme”, launched in 1999 ( Under this programme, a workshop on the Licensing of third-generation mobile was held in Geneva on 19 and 20 September 2001 (

ITU is committed to playing a positive role in the development of the Internet and to extending the benefits of new information and communication technologies, such as mobile technology, to all the world’s inhabitants. This is in line with Resolution 101 of the Plenipotentiary Conference (Minneapolis, 1998), which calls upon ITU to “fully embrace the opportunities for telecommunication development that arise from the growth of IP-based services”. The ITU Internet Reports are hopefully a significant contribution to that commitment.

This site provides summaries of the report's chapters as well as a list of relevant links to the topic discussed in each chapter. 

Chapter Summaries

1. Introduction to the Mobile Internet - are two better than one?

2. Technologies and applications

3. Market trends

4. Regulatory and policy aspects

5. Case studies

6. Conclusions - towards a mobile information society

The final part of the report presents a series of statistical tables that present the latest available data for more than 200 economies worldwide in terms of their adoption of mobile communications and the Internet. The tables include a specially prepared Mobile Internet Index that attempts to gauge the likelihood of adoption of the mobile Internet in different economies.





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