Nominated Projects

Category 1 — AL C1. The role of governments and all stakeholders in the promotion of ICTs for development (20 Projects)

5G Green and Sustainable Human Settlements

As the most minuscule "cell" of a smart city, the community carries most of the content closely related to people's lives and well-being in constructing a new smart city. It is an essential carrier of social care and people's livelihood guarantee. To sol… more »

Activities and Initiatives of the Ministry of ICT in response to the coronavirus (covid -19) crisis

In this project, we aim to provide 1-Immediate emergency monitoring and control at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis 2- Financial measures to create a protective shield 3-Activities in the field of education, teleworking and social responsibility 4… more »

Connecting Frontier, Outermost, and Disadvantaged Regions of Indonesia through Digital Ecosystem Initiatives

BAKTI KOMINFO’s main mandate is to accelerate digital transformation for inclusive development in Indonesia. Having progressed well in providing and strengthening the telecommunication infrastructure in Indonesia, BAKTI recognizes that the huge gap betwe… more »


Cluster is a productive articulation mechanism that allows establishing valuable relationships between academia, government and industries, with the purpose of increasing the competitiveness of the Industry 4.0 sector in Mexico. Cluster 4.0 has designed … more »

COVID19 Contact Tracing

As a small country with one of the world’s highest urban densities, Singapore is susceptible to pandemics and the toll they exact on human lives, healthcare infrastructure and resources. To manage the COVID-19 situation in Singapore, GovTech and the Min… more »

Development of IT infrastructure and IT entrepreneurship of IT Park

IT Park is aimed at the widespread development of IT in the country, the development of infrastructure. IT Park is a technology park operating in the field of IT. A place where active and talented people turn their ideas into real business projects due t… more »

Digital for Life

Previously, digital readiness efforts were primarily led by the government with some corporate volunteerism support and ad-hoc ground up efforts. However, since COVID-19, many organisations have stepped forward on the digital inclusion front. Through MCI… more »

E-Kijiji: Connected Villages in the pandemic

With the pandemic where the world has been forced to digitize fast, Connectivity boost and the digital economy has surged to newer heights whilst the digital divide has deepened. Rural regions have been most affected with children at home without any mea… more »

Incentive project Community Networks

The project was developed as a result of a MoU signed of between the ANATEL and the British Embassy and the first project resulting from this partnership was developed by APC and its results were delivered 25/10/21. The intention was to enable the constr… more »

Innovation Hub Project/Hanga Hubs

To increase digital based employment opportunities in high economic potential sectors through technology enabled innovation incubation hubs. this project will achieve but not limited to following milestones: 1) Establish adequate incubation infrastructur… more »

Meghalaya Enterprise Architecture Implementation

Meghalaya, one of the smallest state among 28 states in the country, ranked in the bottom half of the table among other states in SDGs, eGovernance Index and EoDB rankings. State envisioned the need to achieve various goals and improve its rankings in th… more »

New Era Infrastructure Data Center Program

stc is committed to build new Data Centers across the Kingdom as a new initiative to develop next generation facilities that incorporate enhanced energy efficiency and sustainability throughout the whole lifecycle of new mission critical infrastructure. … more »

OSICO Platform

The OSICO platform is a community of people from different types of organizations that work for the development of an open innovation space for analysis, reflection and collaboration of some of the most important challenges that we have through Social In… more »

SDG Data Alliance

A long-term universal threat to social and economic development, inequity hampers poverty reduction initiatives, destroys people’s sense of fulfilment and self-worth, and stunts every human’s potential. In September 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 Susta… more »

Smart Villages, Sustainable well-being

Smart Villages, Sustainable Well-being Smart Villages for the Sustainable Well-being is a free satellite connectivity project promoted by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transport of Mexico, for public places in rural areas or location… more »

South School on Internet Governance

The main objective of the South School on Internet Governance is to train new leaders of opinion in all aspects related with Internet Governance, from a global perspective and with focus on the Latin America and Caribbean Region. The program trains unive… more »

Tamkeen System (e-Loan)

Objectives – To accelerate growth in the areas of industry, energy, mining, housing, agriculture and logistics in order to Attain Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and NTP Programs. This project TAMKEEN has been designed to be in line with Saudi Vision 2030 with th… more »

The Set of Initiatives to Develop IT-solutions Using 5G Technology

Since 2018, Moscow has been the first in Russia to implement the Set of Initiatives to test 5G technology and create conditions for implementing 5G solutions. The Project includes the creation of 5G pilot zones in Moscow, the functioning of the city's 5G… more »

The World IoT New Economic Architecture Model

The IoT economic architecture model of “Visual Real-time Tracking and Tracing Plus Trade Order” developed by the Smarter Planet Internet of Things Co., Ltd is a new economic pattern that allows consumers to enjoy a visualized experience beforehand and a … more »

Wimmera PCP

The Wimmera Primary Care Partnership is made up of 28 member agencies, including local government, welfare, disability, primary health care, health services, social services and education. We have four health services spread over fourteen campuses and tw… more »