Nominated Projects

Category 4 — AL C4. Capacity building (20 Projects)

"Mujeres en Red” (Women in Network)

"“Mujeres en Red” (MER) is a project that we promote from Movistar Telefónica Hispam in alliance with our collaborating companies and its objective is to promote the employability and training of women in technical telecommunications tasks to close the g… more »

Building Capacity of Rural Women on Digital Financial Services through Literacy

Women participation in Bangladesh's labor force has increased to 42.68% in 2022, up from 36.3% five years ago, according to a survey report conducted by the BBS released on 29 March 2023. Despite contributing to household income, they have little or no r… more »

Capacity Building for Elderly and Disabled Persons

The primary objective of this project is to equip individuals aged 50 and above, as well as people with disabilities, with essential ICT skills. The project aims to empower these groups by: Providing Training in Basic Cellphone Operation: The project … more »

Developing Digital Champions Among Communities in Rural and Underserved Areas in Malaysia

The Malaysia ICT Volunteer (MIV) initiative aims to cultivate digital champions within local communities. Since its inception in 2016, MIV has enlisted over ten thousand volunteers from various communities across Malaysia, including those in rural and un… more »

Digital Literacy Program

The Digital Literacy Program (PAD) aims to provide face to face and virtual workshops that allow boys, girls, teenagers, women, people with disabilities and the elderly to learn how to use ICT (cell phones, computers, tablets, etc.) and telecommunication… more »

Digital Teachers

The project, aiming to equip primary and middle school teachers with digital literacy skills, was launched in 2020 through the collaboration of ING Turkey, Habitat Association, and Middle East Technical University (METU). Among the project's objectives i… more »


The Elevate Program was first announced during the second Global AI Summit which launched in collaboration between SDAIA and Google Cloud and became the first of its kind to empower woman and train them in the fields of data and AI. 1,000 women from 28 c… more »


The Philippine Statistic Authority in 2023 reported that only 51.6% or 14.8 million households have internet connectivity. Among 17 regions in the Philippines, it was also reported that Zamboanga Peninsula region had the lowest proportion of households w… more »


The project, focused on uplifting rural women in agriculture and trade, integrates digital technology and financial inclusion to enhance productivity, income, and overall well-being. Addressing inequalities, poverty, and the gender digital divide, the in… more »

From Homemakers to Techmakers: Igniting Women's Digital Potential with the Digital Jobs PH Technical Training (DJPH) Program

Traditionally confined to homemaking roles, women in Western Mindanao, the Philippines, now experience a transformative shift, thanks to the Digital Jobs PH Technical Training (DJPH) program. Spearheaded by the Department of Information and Communication… more »

Girls-in-ICT Project

Following the adoption of the International Girls-In-ICT Day in 2012 by Member States of the ITU, Ghana has expanded the initiative to a month-long project in each of the beneficiary regions. The Ghana Girls-In-ICT project is all about breaking the myth … more »

JaWAra Internet Sehat (Cyberwise Champion)

JaWAra Internet Sehat is a project to encourage young digital activists in the region to become community leaders (local champions) who will initiate and drive digital literacy education programs with a local and bottom-up approach, creating changes from… more »

Mada Academy

Mada Center delivers training and capacity-building services via Mada Academy. Mada Academy is an initiative recently launched by Mada Center toward empowering people and institutions, through providing engaging and inspiring inclusive training and capac… more »

Pracownie Aktywnego Korzystania z Technologii - PAKT

The main goal of the project was to create the concept of the Workshop Spaces for Active Use of Technology (PAKT) - an innovative digital workshop (like educational technology hubs, based on fab labs and makerspaces idea) in stationary and mobile form wi… more »

She Goes Digital

She Goes Digital is a program that seeks to provide digital skills training to adolescent girls and young women in the rural parts of Kakamega Kenya to enable them to earn an income working in the digital market. Our approach is providing in-person train… more »

SmartTruck Project

STC and Huawei created the Education4ALL Digital Inclusion Action Plan and through the SmartTruck project to reach out to remote areas and fill the gap between the elderly in Saudi Arabia. Together lauch a mobile computer classroom converted from a ship… more »

Teachers' Portal

Teachers’ Portal is the world's only lifestyle gateway platform dedicated to teachers where they can access educational contents, financial and healthcare services. An overall journey of a teacher is ensured with their capacity development, providing the… more »


We provide basic coding and computer science training to thousands of female students 12-22 in Mexico, the United States and, other Latam countries. With our own curriculum and tools, we train female college students majoring in STEM who become mentors t… more »

The Technical Development Program

In line with the Kingdom of Bahrain’s Economic Recovery Plan and the Fiscal Balance Program of its Economic Vision 2030, and to support new graduates and job seekers in the Information Technology (IT) field, the “Technical Development Program” was launch… more »

Virtual world for All

The project consists of two types of activities: a) building awareness and sensitivity to the requirements of people with special needs, including those with disabilities, among the youngest (preschool and early elementary school children) b) educational… more »