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Category 14 — AL C7. ICT applications: benefits in all aspects of life — E-science (5 Projects)

Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing
University of California, BerkeleyUnited States of America

BOINC - the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing - is a distributed computing platform that enables volunteers worldwide to contribute their idle computer resources to public-interest research projects. These projects span a range of discip… more »

Eco Smart Solutions
Telefonica S.ASpain

Telefonica promotes the development of digital solutions to help our customers in their transition to more sustainable business models and we promote the twin digital and green transitions. To promote this transition we have created the ECO SMART seal to… more »

Large-Capacity Wide-Area Data Express for Scientific Computing Breakthroughs
China Mobile Communications Group Co. LtdChina

The explosive growth of data and the breakthrough of AI technology have promoted the development and transformation of the scientific field, and data has become the most important new element for scientific development and breakthroughs.However, at prese… more »

The Sixth National Telecommunications Plan
Ministry of Transportation and TelecommunicationsBahrain

Bahrain's Sixth National Telecommunications Plan (NTP6) aims to transform the country into a 'Smart Kingdom' by integrating advanced technologies like AI and Quantum Computing. Aligned with Bahrain's Vision 2030, the plan focuses on developing a future-r… more »

Universities Smart Services Single Window
Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and Information Technology OrganizationIran (Islamic Republic of)

The project is titled " Unified Universities Smart Services Window " with the aim of creating a suitable platform for providing smart higher education services to its main audience, including students, faculty members, graduates, knowledge-based companie… more »