Nominated Projects

Category 14 — AL C7. ICT applications: benefits in all aspects of life — E-science (20 Projects)

Academic decision support system

The Deanship of E-Learning and Information Technology, represented by the Data Management Department, has developed an academic decision support system using the business intelligence system, in cooperation with the University Vice Presidency for Academi… more »

Artificial intelligence (AI) Laboratory

Building capacity in the field of AI which meet the market need which in return will reduce unemployability. Offered workshops in the AI filed to build confidence in AI based applications which in return can support the sustainability and building smart … more »

Autonomous networks platform based on wireless network optimization behavior learning

China Mobile practices the concept of autonomous network, and sets the overall goal of achieving L4 level of autonomous network capability by 2025. In order to give full play to the value of network optimization experts' experience, fully tap the value o… more »


BADAM is an educational online platform to instruct both managers in the private sector and public policymakers on "Data-driven Decision-making". The important feature of the platform is that the instructions are delivered through gamified, completely in… more »

Computing in Memory: Brand New Computing Architecture for Serving the Future Low-carbon+Smart Society

The objective of this project is engineering application of Computing In Memory (CIM) chips in information and communication infrastructure equipment. Using its intrinsic characteristics of strong computing power and low energy consumption, a CIM chip ca… more »

Customer Avatar unlock Metaverse Experience

This project has designed and prototyped a human like intelligent customer avatar based on digital twin technologies. Avatar is the most important critical super application software in Metaverse. This data driven and AI empowered human like avatar is a … more »

Development of a cough sound artificial intelligence (A.I.) for the detection of COVID-19

Detection of asymptomatic COVID-19 infections is crucial in preventing the widespread of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). However, lacking in recognizable clinical symptoms such as fever, sore throat and cough hinders the detection of asymptomatic COV… more »

EHS Intelligence: AI platform enabling informed decisions for a healthier society

UAE consistently strives to apply AI in innovative ways across government, and Emirates Health Services which caters to the health needs of the population in the northern emirates supports that vision by using its AI platform ‘EHS Intelligence’. It is de… more »

E-Surfing video network - Intelligent Video Networking(IVN)

As an infrastructure, E-Surfing video network has the characteristics of high-speed, ubiquitous, cloud computing/network integration, security and reliability, and nationwide coverage. Based on the base of video networking cloud computing/network integra… more »

Health and sports screening 4.0

The purpose of the provincial health and sports screening is to obtain general health parameters, evaluate the physical condition of children in the provincial educational system, build normative tables in reference to it and carry out an early detection… more »

Intelligent Project Supervision and Monitoring System 2.0

i-Supervision 2.0 is a comprehensive Intelligent Project Supervision and Monitoring System that leverages latest technology such as Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality. The system utilizes AI CCTV, Drone and smartphone as the data source in pro… more »

JSC Data Science Trainee

The development of a smart city system is inseparable from the smart community. Society needs to understand the role of technology in the smart city development system. Through the JSC Data Science Trainee, Jakarta Smart City supports the creation of an … more »

Loxion science STEMI camps for girls and boys/Loxion science fair and expo

This educational initiative is conducted in service to the previously disadvantaged African young learners in the public schooling sector at no cost. This affords them the opportunity to engage and interact with the field of Science physically and helps … more »

Master Data Management for Citizen 360 Profiling

Jakarta is an economic and business center with 11,000,000 residents. However, the Pandemic era had an impact on socioeconomic conditions. In 2020, poverty increased by 1.11%, and the number of unemployed increased by 4.43%. More than 500,000 workers wer… more »


A platform specifically made for made for Stem students who are finding it hard to study for exams without the physical lab apparatus. During the time of Covid-19, the world went into a lockdown, with universities shut, it was difficult for everyone. It’… more »

Ruyi Care Companion Robot

The problem with the current system is that it is reactive; we wait for people to age, develop health issues and then take them to doctors, admit them into rehabilitation homes or assign them a personal care giver. This has increased the economical as we… more »

Statistics Big Data Analytics

DOSM has embarked the implementation of Big Data Analytics (BDA) since 2016 in order to produce more reliable and timely official statistics. DOSM’s BDA project which is also known as STATSBDA consists of three (3) core modules i.e. Trade by Enterprise C… more »

STEM for Refugees - Sonbola Little Engineer Robotics Program

The STEM for Refugees program that is developed in partnership with The Little Engineer International brings quality 21st century learning to address both emergency needs as well as long term and quality based learning to Syrian refugee children and yout… more »

Stop dementia with technology

At this moment, more than 55 million people worldwide have the terrible disease dementia. 6 million Americans live with dementia costing $300 billion/year. Research has been focusing on the medical aspects and biomarkers for more than 20 years, so far wi… more »

Women In Tech Maldives

Women In Tech Maldives (Women in Tech mv) is a non-profit organisation working to inspire, empower and celebrate women in Science and Technology. We aim to accelerate the growth of women in science and technology by creating opportunities that foster… more »