Nominated Projects

Category 11 — AL C7. ICT applications: benefits in all aspects of life — E-employment (20 Projects)

AI-based Adaptive Framework for Skill Assessment of students

The Indian workforce is estimated to increase to approximately 600 Million by year 2022 from the current 473 million. As the workforce increases by about 27% during this period, the overall composition of the unorganized Sector and organized sector is li… more »

Digital Content Writing Training for Visually Impaired People to be A Digital Nomad Talent

Suarise held digital content writing training that focuses on capacity building for the blind community to work remotely as a digital content writer. The competency is vital because they lost their work during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the immobility … more »

Empowering unemployed women to become strong technology creators

Reprograma is a social impact startup focused on teaching programming to cisgender and transgender women who are unemployed and haven’t had the resources, opportunities or support to learn how to code. We offer an 18-week bootcamp course that teaches o… more »

Engage Youth and Youth women through social media for Employment generation

Engage Youth and Youth women through social media for Employment generation project sensitized and engaged youth and other groups disadvantaged people and marginalized communities. This support will enable the beneficiaries to learn, demand and access th… more »


Job vacancies were previously published at local newspapers. Today all vacancies are published through the electronic gate of the GPC. Newly graduates and job seekers are informed about vacancies by the website and social media . It helps reaching the bi… more »

E-Recruitment Exhibition

The project is an online website that targets job seekers to find a suitable job opportunity. It is a responsive platform that works both on desktop and mobile devices. It aims to: 1. Provide appropriate job vacancies to newly graduated students, job see… more »

Exporting Malaysia's Professional & High Value Services Via Digital Freelancing

The Global Online Workforce (GLOW) program was introduced to facilitate onboarding and provide guidance to targeted communities to become competitive and sustainable online/digital freelancers. The program also aims to export capable Malaysian talents wh… more »

External Candidate placement prioritization

Normally, when a candidate applies to a specific job, the applicant either gets accepted or rejected for one specific job opening, and has to reapply for other -potentially more fitting- positions. With Candidate Prioritization engine, the company can ga… more »

Future Leaders Platform

An electronic platform for applying at leadership positions (administrative or educational) in the Ministry of Education. Platform targets to ensure equal opportunities for candidates for jobs, so an electronic platform has been developed through which a… more »

Future Work

HRSD set a plan to utilize all the capabilities of the community by defining new types of jobs, considering the fact that jobs have been found in the last 7 decades are changing now. The main characteristics of the new jobs should be resilient to human n… more »

ICT Training specialists

The main objective of this program is the training of people with solid knowledge, so that they can be successfully inserted in the labor field, ensuring the acquisition of the skills required by it, through an adequate sequencing and integration of conc… more »

Jobs and Skills for Persons with Disabilities with Focus on ICT-Based Solutions

ICT has the potential to improve all aspects of PWDs’ lives such as education, health, transportation, and livelihoods. In Egypt, there are more than 8.6 Million persons with Disabilities (PwD), representing 10.5% of the population according to the last… more »

Mahara – Tech - ITI Arabic ICT platform to reach out untapped talents

ITI’s Mahara-Tech online tech platform aims at serving Arabic speakers who are passionate about tech learning. It offers a rich training content and short career awareness movies in different tech careers presented by key Arabic experts in their fields o… more »

National Digital Talent Pool (SIMONAS)

Simonas is an online talent pool and job platform for ICT sector launched in 2019 by the Minister of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia. Simonas can be accesed through web and also available in android and ios apps. This platform … more »


We use the gig economy to create flexible job opportunities for Seniors over 50 years, connecting them with companies that need help to improve operational or administrative processes and connect quality services for their customers. Indirectly, we seek … more »

The reBIRTH on the internet (REviver na Rede)

The reBIRTH on the internet project (REviver na Rede) is an initiative to support online social networks to strengthen new forms of active job search and promote employability, social integration, socialization, and social and digital inclusion in the Ma… more »

TrustIn: Tech to combat workplace sexual harassment

At TrustIn, we're building tech for safer workplaces at scale through effective POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) implementation. We're currently supporting 24 Indian clients with their POSH needs, serving 36500+ employees, mostly focusing on startu… more »

Women and Girls Pivoting Resilience In the Digital Economy in Africa

Women Pivoting Resilience In the Digital Economy in Africa (WomenPRIDE.Africa) is an initiative of Women in Technology in Nigeria(WITIN) which equips women and girls to thrive in the digital economy via three pivotal pillars: In-demand digital skills tr… more »


Wutiko is a professional platform which connects people to best business opportunities. Our matchmaking algorithms are proudly made with love from Africa. Wutiko, a professional network for Africa that lets anyone find jobs and jobseekers with their inno… more »

Youth Employment and Employability Platform

Youth Employment and Employability Platform (YEEP), as the Youth Empowering Project (YEP) is the direct response to Rwandan Youth workforce especially young women and other young disadvantaged people that are either leaving academia or have already enter… more »