Nominated Projects

Category 4 — AL C4. Capacity building (20 Projects)


Information and Communication Technologies have become a powerful force for social and economic development, delivering substantial benefits for both, individuals and society. However there remains a significant digital gender gap which must be addressed… more »

BTC Kitsong Centres Project - empowering youth through access to ICT services

The Kitsong Centres were established by the Government of Botswana through the Ministry of Transport and Communications, as part of Nteletsa II project to serve as avenues for providing universal access to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) … more »

Coding Academy of Jerusalem

Coding Academy of Jerusalem is the first of its kind in East Jerusalem specialized in IT training. We built the Coding Academy of Jerusalem to get a majority of the public in East Jerusalem to learn, understand and love IT in its different fields and to … more »

Community Connects - young leaders increase digital inclusion and ICT literacy in their communities while learning job skills

Too many disabled, over-65, and low-income families with children attending school don’t have access to the devices or ICT training that they need to connect to online resources. Often times, older computers, laptops and other devices requiring repai… more »

Electronic agricultural maps

Electronic agricultural cards, with information on Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Russia, which allow solving problems: 1. optimization of agricultural production; 2. optimization of processing and trade of agricultural pr… more »

Enabling Teachers on Remote Teaching and Learning in the time of Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost all facets of our lives including how we access services in the areas of health, entertainment, commerce, and even education. The pandemic has drastically disrupted education affecting millions of learners all ov… more »

Huawei DigiTruck in Kenya

Huawei and the Belgian NGO Close the Gap have built a mobile, solar-powered classroom with the aim of bringing digital skills to under-served communities in Kenya. A converted shipping container on wheels, DigiTruck can get to where it’s needed most, rea… more »

MakeHER Space

MakeHer Space project is an initiative by W.TEC, designed to teach girls to create technology and engineering-based solutions that solve problems in their communities, provide information about career options and exposes them to women working successfull… more »

MyCyberHygiene - Building Awareness, Confidence and Security in the Use of ICTs

"MyCyberHygiene builds awareness, confidence and security in the use of ICT. This project helps to counter COVID-19 amid increase in fraud, cybercrime and cyber attacks by raising cyber awareness and cyber hygiene training with a unique free online platf… more »

Ruta STEM para mujeres

The Ruta STEM initiative for women, which MAKAIA has been developing since 2018, is developed from two approaches: Development of IT skills for school-age girls and adolescents (girls in technology); and strengthening of knowledge and skills in code and … more »

San Luis 4.0: Programmable Model

San Luis is a province located in the center of the Argentine Republic, it has a territory of 76,748 km² and a population of 500,000 inhabitants. The provincial government provides free broadband connectivity to the entire population and the internet pen… more »

she codes; activity

she codes; is the community of female software engineers in Israel. It was established in 2013 by Ruth Polachek with a goal of reaching 50% female software engineers in the Israeli hi-tech industry. Our purpose is to improve women’s careers and livelihoo… more »

Talk to me

An application developed for children with mute-deaf parents. Hearing children raised by deaf-mute parents, from the very moment of their birth, suffer from severe communication problems with their family or the society. Early on, there may be thoughts o… more »

The APT Training course on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analysis

The APT Training Course on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analysis aims to help developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region build their ICT capabilities, facilitate their sustainable ICT talent development and improve their ICT development. Sin… more »

The Women Empowerment Program in Technology

"The WOMEN EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM in ICT sector is a national program providing opportunities for all, and particularly women, sits at the heart of our plan for digitizing the Kingdom. Target audience: All women interested in technology, employees, student… more »

Visualfy Places: Hearing Accessibility through Artificial Intelligence

Visualfy Places is an artificial intelligence system that mimics the human sense of hearing, recognizing relevant sounds such as a fire alarm, a doorbell or a baby crying, among others, and translating them into visual and sensory alerts in any chosen co… more »

We Think Digital

The We Think Digital campaign is aimed at sensitising internet users on online safety and digital literacy. Though the sessions, the various aspects of cyber security, namely know how about technology, responsible online behaviour and security tools and … more »


WIS-EU is dedicated to fostering access to all levels of society for ALL through innovation and technology. WIS-EU, in partnership with the Center for Culture and Visual Communication of the Deaf Berlin / Brandenburg e.V. (ZFK) has been developing a mobi… more »

Women in Tech Russia

Women in Tech® is an international organization with a double mission: to close the gender gap and to help women embrace technology. The organization focuses on 4 primary areas that are a call for action: Education, Entrepreneurialism, Social Inclusion, … more »

Yielding Accomplished African Women

We are West Africa's first finance and technology talent accelerator. Yielding Accomplished African Women aims at erecting and delivering the largest community of African female developers and financial analysts who are passionate about using STEM to rev… more »