Nominated Projects

Category 2 — AL C2. Information and communication infrastructure (20 Projects)

“AFAQ” initiative to provide broadband service to remote villages

“AFAQ” (means Horizons) initiative was launched by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) in the Sultanate of Oman in April 2020. The initiative main objective was to deliver broadband internet to remote villages in Oman which did not have an… more »

Bidi Bidi Project

In 2019 Avanti Communications began to use its satellite technology, which provides coverage across Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and the Middle East, to improve the welfare of refugees, host communities and humanitarian organisations in one of the largest … more »

Direct Cloud Connect

Microsoft Azure is one of the fastest growing cloud service providers, with integrated cloud capabilities such as computing, database networking, and storage. Microsoft launched Azure ExpressRoute for customers needing a private cloud connection that wou… more »

Espacios Públicos Conectados

Across a tiny paradise called Costa Rica, we are proud to be part of the “Espacios Públicos Conectados” project, which the main objective is to deploy a countrywide access network trough WiFi technology all over Costa Rica providing public access to the … more »

Expand the internet broadband (Mobile & Fixed) accessibility across Saudi Arabia

Saudi Telecom (STC) and the government partnered to modernize and uplift the Mobile & Fixed Broadband Networks to further close the Digital divide between densely populated areas and remote areas, and to provide a trailblazing platform for modern, future… more »

Expanding Access to High-Impact Social, Health, Education Resources across Africa during COVID-19

Expanding Access to High-Impact Social, Health, Education Resources across Africa during COVID-19 Hellas Sat has partnered with Africom Holdings to assist the efforts of the Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe in the fight against the spread of COVID-… more »

Free Wifi for All in Basilan Island Province through the Zamboanga-Basilan Broadband Network

The Philippines implements #FreeWifi4All in Public Places program to provide localities with free internet. However, connecting far-flung villages pose a challenge due to geographic constraints. This gap has birthed the Zamboanga-Basilan Broadband Netwo… more »

Internet of Light

With LED-based lighting lamps now being popularized all over the world, the concept of Internet of Lights (IoL) on existing LED illumination network using Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) including the visible light communications (VLC) … more »

Internet para Todos Peru

IpT was founded to bring mobile broadband internet service to the hardest to connect areas of rural Peru. These areas are typically un(der) connected because the business case cannot work due to low revenues and high capex. IpT re-invented the connectivi… more »


The cost of internet network access could become a burden for some community, especially in this era of globalization, where technology is becoming more widely used. Plus, the conditions during the pandemic that require everything to be carried out onlin… more »

King Faisal University Data Center Accreditation

DEFINITION: Aligning with KFU strategic objective “Providing a stimulating academic environment in keeping with technology”, the Deanship of Information Technology in king Faisal University has implemented the project “Setting up, Accreditation, migratio… more »

Multilingual Interactive Remote Participation

ITU has been providing MIRP service for its onsite meetings for almost ten years. As a result of Covid-19, all meetings became fully virtual, social distancing and travel restrictions means support personnel, including interpreters have restricted access… more »

National Implementation of the Financial Inclusion Initiative in China

National Implementation of the Financial Inclusion Initiative in China is a three-year action plan (2018-2020) jointly established by the world bank (WB)and China Academy of Information and Communications Technology(CAICT) at the end of 2017, aiming at d… more »

Project BIRD (Broadband Infrastructure for Rural Area Digitalization)

"The project BIRD (Broadband Infrastructure for Remote-Area Digitalization) is for affordably closing the digital divide that help cope with COVID-19 by enabling remote work, tele medicine etc. at every corner of the globe. During 2016-2018, ITU-T SG5 an… more »


In this project, we present SocialGrid as an integration of social networks and the smart grid to optimize electric power consumption using social networking and recommender systems benefits. By equipping consumers with a smart energy meter, the proposed… more »

Spatial data infrastructure

The main project : Spatial data infrastructure (SDI) Creating a web-based spatial information infrastructure,Creating spatial web services, integrating and updating basic urban information,Unique base map in all systems,Inter-organizational communication… more »

Sri Lanka’s Government meets at amidst COVID-19

Since government machinery was expected to continue their operations without disruption, it was essential to facilitate it through the adoption of suitable tools and technologies immediately. In this unprecedented situation Information and Communication … more »


Starlink is a constellation of low Earth orbiting satellites designed to deliver high speed, low latency broadband internet to locations where access has been unreliable, expensive, or completely unavailable. While still in beta operations, Starlink has … more »


TELECONOMY, is an innovative digital telecom platform for providing basic telecom services and income to the masses without much physical contacts and interactions even during COVID-19 Pandemic . Through this project, data and airtime subscriptions were … more »

Viasat Community Internet

Viasat’s Community Internet is a satellite-enabled community last-mile connectivity service, which delivers internet access to communities that previously had little or no internet connectivity. A powerful Wi-Fi antenna is fixed to a storefront (or anoth… more »