Nominated Projects

Category 16 — AL C9. Media (20 Projects)

A voice-based community media platform to support rural and low-income communities in dealing with the fallout from COVID-19

"Our technology solution empowers hard-to-reach communities (low literacy, rural, without internet) for combating COVID-19 through Awareness building, countering misinformation, seeking community feedback, self-assessment survey and guidance and grievan… more »

Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication

COVID-19 in SDGs: Adaptation Priority - Objectives & Broadcast Contents through Community Radio & Community Visual Radio in Bangladesh "Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) has been struggling for the last 20 years for opening up a… more »

CMHS Radio Caibarién | La Voz de la Villa Blanca

This project has as a general objective: to inform, to spread the material and immaterial culture, the history and the human values of the municipality of Caibarien, Cuba and the World. Among the results achieved, the most valuable is the condition of Ch… more » is a unique project about Russian cultural and historical heritage. This is cultural, entertaining and educating media. There is no other similar project of this type in Russia. The idea of is to make culture interesting and excitin… more »

Digital awareness program: Towards Digital Journalism

“Towards Digital Journalism” program, implemented by the “E-Gov Development Center”, aims at eliminating the impact of misinformation and data pollution on digital services, bridging the digital divide in society, increasing digital literacy, and ensurin… more »

Exhibition of the Era of 5G and the Internet of Things

“The Era of 5G and the Internet of Things” is an exhibition about science, technology, and application of the 5th generation of the mobile network(5G) and the Internet of Things (IoT). The exhibit explains the scientific foundation, technology developmen… more »

Fighting against Misinformation, Disinformation and Mal-information through Community Radio in Bangladesh (Revised)

Fighting against misinformation, disinformation and mal-information through fact checking become important challenge in rural Bangladesh. The goal of the initiative is Empowering Community People Promoting Access to Reliable and Timely Information throu… more »

Government Media Analytics Service

This is one of the Government shared services that is offered to ministries and government departments in order to enable them to listen to and analyze any public eContent over the internet. There are 170 million resources including all social media plat… more »

G-Taw Zagar Wyne Podcast (Myanmar First Feminists Podcast)

Objective: To amplify women and girls voices through podcast According to the 2014 Myanmar national census report, women and girls make up more than half of the country’s total population. However, women’s positions in media, politics and leadership rol… more »

ICT.Moscow - an open platform about digital technologies in Moscow

ICT.Moscow ( is an open platform about digital technologies in Moscow. The platform is the base for building a fuller picture of the technology market development in the city and outside it. It is a convenient information, service and… more »

Mwajuma Simama!

As children and young adults in Tanzania are forced to stay home after the National schools closure to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), there are now more subjected to frequent harassment and abuse from their family members and nei… more »

Official website of Accessibility Research Association

“The Era of 5G and the Internet of Things” is an exhibition about science, technology, and application of the 5th generation of the mobile network(5G) and the Internet of Things (IoT). The exhibit explains the scientific foundation, technology developmen… more »

Qeemle Magazine

Qeemle Magazine was founded in 2019 to enable students to have questions answered by pioneers of their fields of interest. Most of these young people are first-generation students who belong to low-income families and have moved to the city from unheard … more »

Russia-wide festival of student media works "RePost"

"RePost" is a unique student festival in the media sphere. The project is aimed at supporting young and talented authors of student media, creating a unified information environment for the development of communications and exchange of experience among s… more »

Safe Connects - young leaders engage with and use media in their communities and schools to increase Internet safety awareness

Tens of millions of youths around the world learn how to use ICT every year but Internet safety is not always explained in a way that engages young people. Young leaders in secondary school don’t always have extraordinary opportunities to give back to t… more »

Social Watcher

Social Watcher is a large-scale community service which utilizes media and ICT tools and expertise. The service utilizes Artificial Intelligence, Text Mining, Big Data analytics and visualization, and Natural Language Processing to analyze the public opi… more »

Talkshow Literasi Teknologi Informasi Komunikasi Suara Madiun ( Voice Of Madiun Literacy ICT Talkshow )

Information and Communication Technology Literacy (TIK) is a talk show program specifically designed for adults, parents, women and people with diffabilities. It is design to talk about knowledge and development of ICT. This program is a relaxed talk sho… more »

The Smart City Pavilion at the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (VDNH EXPO)

The Smart City Pavilion is a free permanent exhibition of Smart City technologies at the Main Exhibition of Moscow – VDNH. The exhibition consists of 6 interactive zones presenting technologies and electronic services of the modern city. Each zone repres… more »

Tsena, Botswana Online

Tsena, Botswana Online was and still is Botswana's first online community portal. The project was launched with the aim of promoting ICT usage in the country and was on this reason offered for FREE to all subscribers on the network. The project's goal is… more »

Tutorials ULP 4.0

The provincial government provides free broadband connectivity to the entire population and Internet penetration reaches 95%, which also makes it possible to offer multiple services, educational platforms and digital tools to the entire population. Tutor… more »