Nominated Projects

Category 9 — AL C7. ICT applications: benefits in all aspects of life — E-learning (20 Projects)

#Hackeuses is a social business that empowers and trains unemployed people in highly sought after digital technical trades through a series of tuition-free coding bootcamps. Priority is given to groups of individuals who are underrepresented in the tech … more »

5G Virtual Reality Education

In this project, we integrate 5G with VR/AR/MR/Naked Eye 3D/holographic technologies to realize creative smart education applications, which brings new model to the implementation of WSIS Action Lines E-learning. This model can be replicated to different… more »

A 3D adventure game to teach clinical history taking to medical students (Med Metaphoria)

Med Metaphoria is a 3D Serious game designed and developed based on the latest in medical education research to teach medical students clinical history taking which is the most common procedure performed by doctors. This is the first 3D visual metaphor e… more »

Augmented Reality (AR) Educational Apps for 8-Million Elementary School Students

The project is to provide Augmented Reality (AR)-based mobile applications to improve the quality of learning in K-6 schools by bridging AR technology and education for more than 8,000,000 elementary students all over the country. It aims to speed up the… more »

Certification on Public Policies and Programmes Evaluation

The CPPPE is a comprehensive training Programme addressed to federal and local public servants which also considers the academic, social and private sectors. Its main objective is to provide information and methodological tools on the main types of publi… more »

eLearning for primary education in PNG

This program launched in early 2019 in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea to provide fifteen thousand children, parents and teachers with access to thousands of digital learning activities from Age of Learning through apps such as ReadingIQ, ABCmou… more »


ELPIDA has developed an e-learning platform primarily targeting parents of people with intellectual disabilities (PWID) in order to empower them for better quality of life of PWID. Teaching recourses have been developed on the themes/topics of Human Righ… more »

Genius Centers

Genius Centers is a company created in March 2017 that offers youths aged 4 to 17 years, activities to develop their leadership and creativity by learning computer engineering, robotics, design and leadership skills. To achieve this, Genius Centers provi… more »

Hands on Science

To ensure that students in the province arrogate knowledge related to science through experimentation, with the use of the platform Since July 2019, a total of 3,690 students accessed the platform participating, watchi… more »

International Network of Emerging Library Innovators-Middle East & North Africa

INELI-MENA is an e-training leadership program, implemented by AFLI and funded by Global Libraries Initiatives (GL) at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). It aims to: 1. Supports future Arab leaders in public and national libraries by developi… more »

kind Comrade

Our goals in this project are to increase the reading time per person of the country and the culture of study from the age of childhood and adolescence, as well as to create the same access for all types of society to a variety of educational, scientific… more »

Mi Escuela

It is a computerized management solution that allows systematizing and digitizing the processes of the establishments and areas. This unifies the pedagogical information referred to the students of the Initial, Primary and Secondary levels, allowing the … more »


In 2016, the City of Johannesburg’s (CoJ) Libraries’ eLearning Department (ELA) established a team consisting of library staff from all CoJ regions, mandated to initiate and implement eLearning programmes to the citizens of Johannesburg. Among many succ… more »

Palestine Medical Council E-Learning and Accreditation System

Palestine Medical Council (PMC) launched Palestine Medical Council E-Learning and Accreditation System (PMC-EAS) that seeks to efficiently raise the level of medical learning and accreditation by elevating the quality of learning for physicians who are e… more »

Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero

Vision: A society in which girls confidently lead in STEM entrepreneurship, education and contribute to their community and the economy. Established in 2014, by Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen the Tech Girls Movement Foundation (TGMF) was designed to change the … more »

SheWorks! Academy

SheWorks! is a social impact enterprise that aims to disrupt gender unemployment by helping women access online training and find flexible jobs that can be done remotely. We leverage cloud technology, machine learning, matching algorithms and data scienc… more »

Social Skills Animation

SSA is a software which enables creation custom-made animations for targeted learning support to children with autism and other intellectual disabilities. It can be either downloaded and bought online from its website. In that case SSA software would onl… more »

Teachers.Ng provides digital skills, resources and training for teachers in public schools in Nigeria, especially for those in underserved communities. Teachers are linked up with educators and researchers in developed countries in collaborative STEM pro… more »

The First International CyberSchool of the Future for the New IT Generation KIBERone

The CyberSchool KIBERone is the international CyberSchool of the future for the new IT generation, a project for additional training of children from 6 to 14 in digital technologies. The project participants focus on several important tasks: 1. to provid… more »


WAZZA Inc. is a leading Edtech project in MENA, which is focusing on applying artificial intelligence solutions to improve education and eLearning experience and improve enrolment rates in schools. WAZZA was founded on 2018, by engineer Amani Abu Tair, w… more »