Nominated Projects

Category 18 — AL C11. International and regional cooperation (20 Projects)

A+ Alliance

Particularly urgent given the scale at which Automated Decision-Making (ADM) systems are being deployed Affirmative Action for Algorithms (A+) is needed in order to correct real life bias and barriers that prevent women from achieving full participation … more »

African Digital Libraries to Enhance Access and the Safeguarding of African Scientific, Literary and Cultural Heritage

Book is the medium of transmission of knowledge par excellence as well as a vector of dissemination of information and culture. The availability of well-furnished libraries is a necessary component of access to knowledge and quality education. In Africa,… more »

Arab-African e-Certification Authorities Network

The tremendous technological development must go in pair with the implementation of strong security tools on the technical level and the setting up of strong and flexible regulatory frameworks on the legal level being able to provide the required safety … more »

Arabic Union Catalog

The Arabic Union Catalog (AUC) is a non-profit cooperative organization that seeks to serve the Arab culture and knowledge institutions in a collaborative environment between Arab libraries and information centers through a cloud platform that unifies th… more »

Electronic Government Network of Latin America and the Caribbean

The Electronic Government Network of Latin America and the Caribbean, GEALC Network, is the creation of a group formed by e-government authorities from the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. This composition is transformed into a unique instru… more »

Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage Knowledge Base

CAWST’s Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage (HWTS) Knowledge Base is an interactive, user-friendly, web-based resource centre and mobile app which provides access to open content downloadable HWTS education and training resources with most of the … more »

Implementation of U4SSC KPIs in the City of Riyadh

The Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 programme defines a set of ambitious goals and targets that aim to improve the quality of life of citizens, diversity its economy, increase employment, enhance government effectiveness, enable social responsibility and more… more »

Implementation of U4SSC KPIs in the City of Santa Fe

Digitalization and rapid urbanization are global trends that demand responses. Santa Fe has partnered with the U4SSC to evaluate the city's implementation of smart technologies. The objectives of this project were: 1) assess the impacts of ICTs in the ci… more »


“Innovactoras” started as a social responsibility project of Happeninn. Today it is a platform of innovators women from different realities of the 21st : science, technology, business, education and society. 51 North and South references (16 countries) a… more »

IST-Africa Institute

Founded in 2002, IST-Africa focuses on strengthening ministry policy and strategy capacity as it relates to Innovation, Science and Technology, supporting a research culture in universities focused on on addressing societal challenges at national and reg… more »

MentorNations: IoT 4 Youth - Tunisia

MentorNations believes that digital literacy is a human right. As a youth-run and youth-led organization with operations in Tunisia, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, the team empowers young people to transform their lives through technology. With a primary foc… more »

Movimiento STEM

Movimiento STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is a non-profit association that seeks to promote in Mexico and Latin America, STEM education, future jobs and innovation, with social and inclusive vision. We are the leader of the STEM … more »

MSGEEK Africa Competion

MSGEEK Africa competition that started 6 years ago as MS Geek Rwanda for 2 years then expanded to then 22 Smart Africa member states in partnership with its Secretariat located in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. MS Geek Africa 2019 brought girls from… more »

Pilot Project for the development of R&D Centres in IoT

The goal is to instill the Culture of Innovation in IoT implementing R&D Centres in IoT to increase the country productivity, encourage the Academia and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) participation in standards development at ITU (BSG) and pro… more »

Policy Kitchen

Policy Kitchen is a policy crowdsourcing methodology developed by foraus – Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy. It enables a diverse network of thinkers to co-create policy recipes to pressing global challenges. The methodology is built on a crowd innovation p… more »

Scratchers Cuba

As part of the Third Improvement of the National Education System, transformations in the curricula are being carried out in primary education. One of them is programming in the school curriculum, with the implementation of the Scratch language. The Scra… more »

The CEPIS DiversIT Charter

The DiversIT Charter is a roadmap and structured programme of activities that IT Associations, Companies, Educational Establishments and other bodies (hereafter called ‘organisations’) can take to establish a supporting environment for Women in IT profes… more »

The First City to Implement the U4SSC KPIs – Dubai, UAE

In 2015, the Smart Dubai Office decided to partner with the U4SSC in piloting the U4SSC Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Smart Sustainable Cities. The objectives of this project were: 1) assess the impacts of ICTs in the city; and 2) measure its pro… more »

UNJSPF Digital Identities for Its Beneficiaries

UNJSPF has taken the leap into emerging technologies to streamline service delivery to clients, the 205,000 retired UN staff around the globe. Spearheaded by Dino Cataldo Dell’Accio, CIO, UNJSPF, this is part of the Fund’s journey towards digital transfo… more »

Visit Saudi and eVisa

Tourism gives people opportunity to live and work where you want, the opportunity to empower communities, to promote sustainable growth. More importantly, it allows people to be proud of their roots, their heritage and their country. This can only have … more »