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Category 15 — AL C8. Cultural diversity and identity, linguistic diversity and local content (5 Projects)

Information Platform for Indigenous Communities and Peoples

Considering the importance of indigenous people and recognizing that, in order to respect the rights granted in the Political Constitution regarding access to information and communication technologies for all Mexicans, as well as radio and telecommunica… more »

IT For The Differently Able

The year 2013 was the time when I initiated ‘Project IT for Differently Able’ with a grant from the US Department of State and turned my dream into reality. The project aims to pass on technological education and skills to people with disabilities. I bel… more »

Social Intelligence

Social Intelligence is a project of Information Age Consulting (Kuwait). This project was developed by Dr. Salah Alnajem, the founder and CEO of Information Age Consulting and the associate professor of Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Proc… more »


Community project seeks to rehabilitate 100 young men and women Objectives : - The composition of 100 young men and women . - Spreading the culture of human rights among young people - Spreading the culture of equality . Results : - Enabling young peo… more »

Uganda Computer Aid

Uganda Computer Aid is an amazing initiative implemented by Musabe Foundation. Uganda Computer Aid is active in the field of Information & Communication Technology in the remote, disadvantageous region of the Rwenzori Mountaions bordering the … more »