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 Statement from Global Knowledge Partnership


STATEMENT BY Rinalia Abdul Rahim,

Executive Director, Global Knowledge Partnership


Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Global Knowledge Partnership continued its mission of sharing knowledge and building partnerships at WSIS Tunis 2005.

Members of the Global Knowledge Partnership discussed and developed new ideas for collaboration; identified workable opportunities; and devised concrete steps forward - such as online learning and connecting rural communities in Central Africa.

The Global Knowledge Partavillion showcased 100 member institutions at WSIS Tunis, innovators in ICT4D, from every sector and every global region.

The Global Knowledge Partnership was a partner in the organisation of the 2nd World Electronic Media Forum and the BBC World Production "Digital Dividends" watched by millions worldwide.

At WSIS Tunis the Global Knowledge Partnership organised 41 Forum panels in four areas of focus: Poverty Reduction, Access to Knowledge, Education and Resource Mobilisation.

Highlights included the following:

On the theme of Poverty Reduction:

Mission 2007 – India, potentially the largest scaling-up programme in the history of ICT-enabled development;

the launch of, an ambitious initiative to address the issue of how to sustain telecentres after they have been established;

and a special session on ‘Financing Knowledge in Africa’.

On the theme of Education and Youth:

We catalyzed partnership opportunities on our panel ‘Empowering Young African Social Entrepreneurs’. Gbenga Sesan, a Nigerian youth leader, reminded us that "Youth is not just a thematic issue – we are the bridges to tomorrow".

Our 3 panels on innovation in Education offered solutions, to transition, from traditional teaching methods, to e-learning environments - in order to ensure that opportunities exist for children in the developing digital world.

And on the theme of Resource Mobilisation and Multi-stakeholder Partnerships:

We report that 3 members of the Global Knowledge Partnership from Cambodia, India and Phillippines announced they will partner to train start-up IT businesses from other developing countries.

On Tuesday 15th the Global Knowledge Partnership launched a new publication "Access, Empowerment & Governance: Creating a World of Equal Opportunities with ICT". Authored by ‘hands-on’ ICT4D experts, it strongly advocates harmonization, leapfrogging, and more tangible measurement of the impact of ICT in development.

Here in Tunis the Global Knowledge Partnership presented its own Strategy 2010.

We will build more multi-stakeholder partnerships between Government, Business and Civil Society; and we will continue to consolidate the diverse and deep experience of our members through publications, projects, programs and events focused on ICT4D.

It is my privilege to convey thanks from every member of GKP to the Delegates, Participants and Visitors at WSIS Tunis 2005; and to the gracious hospitality of the Government of Tunisia.

Thank you.



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