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The logo for the World Summit on the Information Society may be used according to the Policy for the use of the WSIS Official logo. In any case, a waiver of liability must be provided to the WSIS Executive Secretariat.

Policy for the use of WSIS official logo
[English] 56kB [French] 58kB [Spanish] 59kB

Waiver of liability

  [English] 59kB [French] 59kB [Spanish] 54kB

Logo description

[English] 124kB [French] 142kB [Spanish] 102kB

Logo files for download (low resolution*)

The WSIS logo can be downloaded in jpeg and gif formats in the following languages:

JPEG : [Arabic] 8kB - [Chinese] 9kB - [English] 12kB - [French] 12kB - [Russian] 11kB - [Spanish] 13 kB

GIF :  [Arabic] 4kB - [Chinese] 5kB - [English] 5kB - [French] 4kB - [Russian] 5kB - [Spanish] 5kB


The WSIS logo without text:

JPEG : [Logo without text] 3kB
GIF : [Logo without text] 2kB

* High resolution files may be obtained following acceptance by the WSIS Executive Secretariat. All requests must be accompanied by the waiver of liability form (see above)





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