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go The latest information on the Financial Status of the core activities of the Tunis Phase is available on the Report to the ITU Council-2005


 Financial Contributions for Tunis Phase

Financial Contributions for Tunis Phase* Status Swiss Francs (CHF)
Azerbaijan Received 15,190
Botswana Received 15,000
Burkina Faso Received 25,000
Canada Received 100,000
Finland Received 189,000
France Received 229,950
Gabon Commitment 50,000
Germany Received 191,740
Holy See Received 4,000
Italy Received 91,440
Japan Received 1,183,148
Libya Received 60,000
Luxembourg Received 116,250
Malawi Received 5,000
Malta Received 3,500
Namibia Received 12,500
Netherlands Received 75,000
Nigeria Commitment 75,000
Norway Received 180,268
Qatar Received 50,000
Rwanda Received 25,000
Saudi Arabia  (Photo) Received 335,357
Senegal Received 66,550
South Africa Received 195,385
Spain Received 153,000
Sweden Received 340,260
Sultanate of Oman Received 100,000
Syrian Arab Republic Received 11,789
Thailand Received 30,000
Togo Received 15,000
Trinidad and Tobago Received 6,469
United Arab Emirates Received 100,000
International Organizations  
Arab Satellite Communications Organization Received 23,900
International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO) Received 5,688
United Nations Federal Credit Union (UNFCU) Received 1,280
Universal Postal Union (UPU) Received 10,000
World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Received 15,000
NGO and Civil Society Entities  
International Institute for Non-Aligned Studies Received 200
UNASCA Received 1,529
Private Sector  
Intel ( Received 50,000
NTT DoCoMo Received 90,896
Togo Telecom Received 10,000
Vivendi Universal Received 50,000



* This includes only non-restricted contributions which support the core preparatory process and the Summit itself. Restricted contributions, such as those for WSIS-ES staff recruitment (which are counted as in-kind), fellowships, and side events are not included.

Carry-over from Geneva Phase (All are restricted contributions)*


Swiss Francs (CHF)

Government of Switzerland (committed for fellowships for government officials from LDCs)



Government of Finland (committed for fellowships and salaries of WSIS ES staff from developing countries)



Government of Sweden (committed for salaries of WSIS ES staff from developing countries)



European Commission (committed for salaries of WSIS ES staff from developing countries)





* Deficit carried over from Geneva phase is CHF 1,285,000


 In-kind Contributions for Tunis Phase

Staff seconded to the Executive Secretariat*

Government of Switzerland 2 experts
Government of Spain 1 expert
Government of Japan 1 expert
Government of Korea 1 expert
Government of Canada 1 expert
Government of Tunisia 1 expert
Government of Finland° 1 expert
UNESCO+ 1 expert
KDDI Corporation (Japan) 1 expert
Organisation Tunisienne de l'Education et de la Famille (OTEF) 1 expert

* Salaries are borne by their originating entities.
° From January 2005
+ Until December 2004

Other In-kind Contributions
International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Staff, support, offices, computers, website
Government of Switzerland Office furniture and equipment
Government of Tunisia Expenses associated with preparatory process in Tunisia (brainstorming meeting, PrepCom-1...)
United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) Expenses associated with Bureau and Group of Friends of the Chair (GFC), and PrepCom-2 facilities and support
Real Networks Real Player webcasting licenses for the Tunis Summit
Net Display Systems Plasma display software licenses for the Tunis Summit


 Other WSIS-related Contributions

  Swiss Francs (CHF)
Government of Korea WSIS-related projects Received 200,000
Government of Tunisia* Fellowships for civil society participation Commitment 400,000
Government of Canada Civil society participation Received 91,785
Government of Austria Developing country fellowships Received 45,438
Government of Switzerland Civil society fellowships Received 70,000
Government of the Czech Republic WSIS-related projects Received 25,585
Government of Belgium Developing country fellowships Received 53,279
Government of Netherlands WSIS-related projects Received 50,000
ISESCO Fellowships for developing country participants from ISESCO member states Received 11,372

*modalities of allocation to be decided

ITU's budget allocated for WSIS: CHF 1,194,000

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